Food for Fines, Goodwill paying disabled folks subminimum wages ,and an amazing Jamaican woman raising 32 kids…

Since my last linky post was heavy with info that was angering and depressing, trying to put some more positive things in this evening’s round-up. It’s not all positive but mostly.

⇒ via @MobileCuisine St Louis Church Opens Food Truck For The Homeless –

⇒ Gloria Malone ( ) wrote this excellent piece about how the lack of support structures fail single mothers and their children. A society that forces women to make impossible decisions is.…

⇒ This is one of my favorite things I saw this week  – FoodForFines

This is an annual food drive initiated by the Phoenix Library and St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. Libraries & food banks working together seems like a logical thing in my mind! I love this idea and definitely plan on suggesting something like this to my local library.

The USDA seeking more summer meal programs for low income children – This is good news. There are some programs that serve free meals to children while school isn’t in session but they’re usually in cities or if in rural areas, not accessible for all families.

Goodwill Pays Subminimum Wages to Disable Employees –  Why am I not surprised? “$3.27 for 24.88 hours of work.” Ugh, these people.

⇒ On Shinola, Detroit’s Misguided White Knight – “Listen, I can stomach hipsters planting flowers written with nice things about Detroit for a dog park one day. I can take $500 quartz watches and a section on their webshop entitled “Curated” that offers American flags that cost more than a brand new car. I can even take ten dollar cold-pressed juices when the city lacks grocery stores. Even those aren’t too much of an affront. What I can’t take is the white knighting of Shinola’s promotional campaigns. The company insists that “Detroit isn’t as bad as it seems”—that there are happy and proud people here too. To demonstrate just how optimistic and amazing Detroiters are, Shinola enlisted Bruce Weber and Carolyn Murphy—both out of towners, both white—to shoot the company’s latest ad campaign. The accompanying video, subtitled “A snapshot of life in the Motor City,” features photogenic models pedaling two thousand dollar bikes through the city. Photos of adorable black kids with a beautiful, benevolent white woman seem to be the centerpiece of Weber’s campaign for the company. They even have a video of one of the little girls rapping. Bruce Weber is quoted saying, “People were really friendly. They looked you in the eye when they said hello on the street, and they greeted you with a smile.” Detroit may be bankrupt, but that doesn’t mean its citizens aren’t normal, functioning human beings, Bruce.

⇒ This is an incredible woman. Her name is Annemarie Richards. She’s a Jamaican woman who has devoted her life to finding parentless,homeless children, raising them as her own and giving them opportunities they would never have otherwise. Just listen to her passion. It’s infectious.
The Make Life Better Foundation promised to donate school supplies and a computer lab to the children if this video reached 50,000 views by April 10th and it’s already way past that, so yay! Good stuff.

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