You deserve all of this….


^ ALL of this <3




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  1. susannunes says:

    Been here before. I am in desperate straits because I worked only 1/2 day as an Oregon substitute teacher in the last two months and have nothing coming in until the end of the month with a very tiny pension of $306.41. I have leads for regular jobs that are beginning to come open with the school districts, but nothing has yet materialized; however, I am in extremely bad shape because I have auto insurance, dog heart medication refill, gasoline expenses for whatever sub jobs come up, and storage unit rent (it contains ALL of my possessions that I transported from Reno with the financial help of my sister–who CANNOT help me further and other family members cannot, either). Please, please, please help. No joke, no scam. I am losing a lot of sleep over this.

    1. Jupiter says:

      I’m so sorry you’re going through this. What can I do to help?

      1. susannunes says:

        I need to raise cash somehow so I don’t lose what I have left, and I don’t believe I can get enough of it through a payday loan. I have used the online fundraising before and still have it, YouCaring, etc.

        I can’t stand this anymore. It’s strictly feast or famine, well, I wouldn’t even call this a “feast” when I work at all, certainly a far cry from what I made six or seven years ago. I did hear from Experience Works today, but I have to submit a ton of paperwork before I can even get matched to a job IF there are any to be matched.

      2. Jupiter says:

        I can share your youcaring on the FB page this weekend. I wish there was more I could do to help :-/

      3. susannunes says:

        Here is the YouCaring page. I really need help ASAP:

  2. susannunes says:

    The reason there was no work locally for me to substitute was because of a recent teachers’ strike. There have been few sub assignments since then, but it will probably change now that everybody has returned from spring break. It doesn’t do me any good in the very short term, for any pay there would be in another month.

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