#NoKXL #RejectandProtect #CowboyIndianAlliance

photo by Jenna Pope.

Watch a live stream here of the protest and tipi gifting here….


Yesterday, a round dance stopped traffic in Georgetown.
Media preview

via Dallas Goldtooth

Video here with Chief Rueben George speaking…

via Idle No More
keystone xl protest

The banner says: “Standing in the water could get me arrested. TransCanada (Corp.) pollutes drinking water and nothing happens.”

via here

Today ,Lakota rapper Frank Waln will be one of the artists performing in on the National Mall in DC as part of the protest.  Frank said the other day on his Facebook, “Two years ago, I was inspired by people back home protesting the KeystoneXL by stopping trucks that were carrying pieces of the pipeline from crossing our rez. I was sitting in my dorm room in downtown Chicago all homesick, wishing I could be there. I did the only thing I knew how to do. I made a song. I called it “Oil 4 Blood”. It was just my way of expressing my solidarity. A small contribution from a rez kid rapper. Two years later, it’s inspiring to see us organizing on a national scale and taking that message to the Capitol Hill.

Tomorrow, I’m flying out to Washington DC to join my relatives in the Reject and Protect protest against the KeystoneXL pipeline. I’m performing on SATURDAY at 1:30pm at the Tipi camp on the National Mall. I’m going to rock this song as hard as I can for my ancestors, for my family and for our Mother Earth “

I think it’s incredible that a song written as an expression of solidarity is now an integral small part of this national protest. Way to go, Frank.




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