I’m a huge fan of Paying it Forward. I even offer little freebie Pay It Forward listing in my Etsy shop sometimes. One of the times I felt the most insulted in my whole life was when a  woman insinuated that I was ungrateful for assistance and told me I needed to learn about paying it forward. Obviously, she didn’t know me, so her opinion is ultimately invalid but the very idea to suggest this was a concept beyond my comprehension. And perhaps more than that…. a concept no poor person would understand.

My personal experience, which is not scientific nor maybe even that worldly, is that poor people are the most generous people out there. Even when they don’t have money, they will find ways to help others…clothing, extra food, time,energy,help,support, kind words. Even sometimes money. Not a lot of money but no one understand more than poor people that “every little bit counts”.

So, I’ve just been thinking a lot about this over the weekend. My friend Nichole (who I met through my other blog quite some time ago and who I truly do consider a friend) started a fundraiser for my new mouth. I recognize supporters’ names as being people I know are also really poor folks.
My first inclination is to yell at them all and threaten to come kick their butt for donating anything (don’t think I won’t do it!) but …I mean..

Ok, I’m kind of speechless. I’m deeply moved by the generosity of people , most of whom  only know me through my voice on this blog. I have oodles and oodles of gratitude this morning. Thank you so much,everyone. I’ll have a lot to pay forward and I actually look forward to it.