Today’s Reads:”Why does McDonald’s need four years to bring their workers out of poverty?”

This is actually a few days worth of reads. The screen on my laptop broke ,so it’s away being fixed (yay, warranty). So, I’ve had to share The Family Computer. Cross your fingers my laptop comes back to me quickly.

via 18mr:

“Why does McDonald’s need four years to bring their workers out of poverty?”

Things I love about Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s take on the $15 minimum wage plan announced by the mayor:

  1. She starts by crediting people around the country who have been organizing for $15/hr.
  2. She points out structural issues with the way the Mayor’s plan was developed and announced.
  3. She raises serious questions about the extended timeline.
  4. She points out that she led a process to develop a plan that was never voted on.

Kshama Sawant is kind of my hero right now.

Listen to the interview.




via kateoplis:

Adjuncts Professors make up 76.4% of all US faculty, and the majority live below the poverty line.

Mary-Faith Cerasoli, above, is “sleeping in her car, showering at college athletic centers and applying for food stamps.”

“They call us professors, but they’re paying us at poverty levels…I just want to make a living from a skill I’ve spent 30 years developing.”

“Students aren’t getting what they pay for or, if they are, it is because adjuncts themselves are subsidizing their education.

The Adjunct Revolt | Atlantic



One of my fave things about Saturdays on Twitter is #SaturdaySchool.

FunkNBeans put together The League of Hashtag Heroes: A Social Justice Hashtags Collection. Make fun of hashtags all you want but when you’re using social media to share ideas and expand your activism, good hashtags are essential.

How Home Ownership Keeps Blacks Poorer Than Whites

(via boygeorgemichaelbluth)


“50% of African-American children born in Mississippi grow up in poverty as opposed to 16% of white children”


US interests are best served when people around the world don’t go hungry.


Immigration Reform Is Partly About How Much Poverty to Welcome


(Source: radio-inactive)



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