Garden Update: New bean trellis made from 6-pack rings & a pair of crutches

So, I made this yesterday.

picture credit: my daughter Lilly
picture credit: my daughter Lilly

My husband works at a large grocery store and he’s been saving 6-pack rings from the soda vendor when he comes to fill the machines. I attached them with just little bits of yarn from a leftover ball I had in my stash. I had started with twisty ties but ran out. If I’d been feeling super motivated, I could have made a rainbow or some design with different colors but nah. Anyway, will any luck, it’ll be covered with glorious bean vines!

And if that fails, we have a badminton net?

I plan on making more. I might use it to make a sort of a fence. I just looked up the price of a roll of plastic netting and it’s like $26 for a 80 ft roll that’s only 3 ft high. So, this was free to make for us. Took some time but I did it while watching The Voice (yeah,yeah…it’s my one and only guilty pleasure show… ). My little guy helped cut the pieces of yarn for me. It was tedious but went quick.

We still have signs that our woodchuck enemy is in the vicinity. I ammonia bombed the one hole. I saw him scurry into another hole farther away from the house one day while I was taking the compost out, so I know he’s still around, just relocated slightly. We’re borrowing a hav-a-hart trap from a friend and then, his wagon will be fixed. (I’m thinking Woodchuck Egg Rolls? )

One of the little made these little flag markers, too. They’re sweet. He used scraps of fabric and pieces of old dowels that I think came from an old drying rack we had that broke.

I like this idea and I think I’ll make some of my own.













So, my running total for garden cost is still : $21



13 thoughts on “Garden Update: New bean trellis made from 6-pack rings & a pair of crutches

  1. That’s awesome. I was getting ready to give away an old porch swing frame when I realized that with some twine and some of my knot tying knowledge I can use it as a frame for my vine plants to climb. My hubby tilled up a spot underneath the frame. We used a wooden sandbox frame as a raised bed next to it for root veggies and tomatoes. Sadly, though, our total is a bit higher than yours, though, because we had to rent a tiller and buy some fill dirt. It’s our first year of doing anything other than containers on the deck. But next year we should be able to keep the costs much lower.

  2. Love it!!! I just hope the woodchuck doesn’t get the wrong idea from the “white flag” markers! 😉

  3. I’m sure you are going to use a variety of pole beans on this. Such as blue lake pole beans or Romano. Plant so that there are as many plants on one side of your mesh as the other, or you will see it fall over as the beans get quite heavy. Voice of experience. (I’m a Master Gardener, and a cattle rancher. Lots of my veggies grow in/on repurposed cattle equipment.)

    1. Yep, and I was thinking of threading rebar or something else through the center for support. And since putting it up yesterday, it looks like it sagged, so I might reset the crutch posts. I used some tent stakes to anchor it a little bit,too.

      1. Good ideas. Much better to make it strong now than to try to prop it up later.

  4. This is awesome. Please remember to cut up the rings if you decide to stop using them. A lot of animals get hurt when they get stuck in them.

    1. My husband’s job is in the maintenance dept and he has to deal with the garbage/recycling/compost. He always makes sure to cut up the rings if they aren’t ones he can save right then for me. Apparently , no one else does though, so poor hubby has a rep as being the guy who yells at everyone for not cutting up the rings. I don’t know if this is funny or sad.

      1. I don’t think it’s funny or sad. I think it’s just the right thing to do and he’s known as the guy who makes other people do the right thing.

  5. Cool idea! I love reusing/repurposing things. My garden is fenced with a bunch of bits of the old chicken coop and a baby gate.

    1. I feel SO dumb right now. I have 2 baby gates. I could be using one to keep the drunks out of my garden! There used to be a fence with a gate …the posts are still there. I bet the baby gate would work where the gate was. The other section, I planted sunflowers , so eventually they’ll be a natural fence. Now to keep people from trampling them :-/

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