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Almost all of this list of brain damaging habits are things more likely to affect people in poverty. I am so sorry for my redundancy at times but we really need to shift this focus off of weight issues  being the primary health concern among those in poverty and give more attention to brain health being the main concern.

1/ Giving children free breakfast in school dramatically increases their academic performance

2/ Many people who live with (or have lived with) food insecurity tend to overeat when they do have food because they don’t know where their next meal is coming from and it may have been a while since they had enough food. 

4/ Affordable foods that provide enough calories (especially in food deserts) are high in sugar.

5/ People in poor, non-white neighborhoods are exposed to more hazardous pollution. Low income housing overall tend to be in more polluted areas of cities.

6/ There’s a distinct link between poor sleep quality and poverty.

7/People sleep with their head covered when it’s cold because they can’t afford heat. (thank you, JW from the comments!)

8/ Poor people can’t afford to take time off work, even when they’re sick.

9/ Poverty depletes brain power 

10/ Poverty is socially isolating.