Life Happenings & Garden Update

We had a great (and  busy) weekend here. It finally seems to be actual Spring . We don’t spend much time inside once the weather warms up. I have no idea why we live in NY since everyone in our family tends to curl up in a ball and cry once the temp gets below 70.

♥ Two of my teenagers went to our “Ramp Spot” and picked ramps! Can’t wait to have them this week.


♥ We went to the first yard sale of the season. There’s another reason I should live where it’s always warm….year round yard sales.  I made sure I set some of our Taxmas money aside specifically for yard sale shopping. Last summer, I think I only went to a couple sales because we didn’t even have $5 left by Saturday to spend at the sales. I buy all our clothes secondhand (on purpose, even before we were poor. But especially now that we need to…) ,so yard sales are one way I can stockpile kids clothes for the upcoming school year. (Yes, we’re fortunate to have a spacious closet for storage). Anyway, forgot to take my camera with me this weekend but maybe this summer I’ll do posts on the things I scored like I did here?

♥ It was my littlest guy’s birthday on Sunday. On my personal blog, I refer to him as Thorkins, so I’ll carry that name over here…
Thorkins is now 4. He is such an amazing little dude. Love this kid. There is not a single picture I have of him where he’s clean. See? Just finished playing in the mud, took a break to feed his lion cub.






We bought a bin of pretend food at the yard sale for $1. The pretend baby bottle was in there. He had no idea what it was. We realized he’s never seen a baby bottle-fed, only breastfed. So, after explaining, he decided his little lion needed some milk. Cutest thing ever.

♥ There is a Hav-a-Hart trap currently sitting in my mudroom. Mr Woodchuck should be in it this evening. My daughter saw him the other day rummaging around in our compost. A crow and the woodchuck had an epic battle over the compost scraps. The crow won and Mr Woodchuck scurried away. Still, he’ll be back. Little bastard.

♥ So far, I have everything but peppers,melons, & tomatoes in the ground. Waiting just a couple more weeks.  We have planted:

-Carrots -beets- swiss chard -lettuce -spinach -kale -broccoli -cabbage -cauliflower -green beans -yellow wax beans -peas -corn -zucchini -spaghetti squash -pumpkins -cucumbers -TONS of sunflowers, in every spot I could squeeze them

And my usual herbs (some have been in the house in pots all winter)
-basil -sage -chamomile -dill -cilantro -rosemary -lovage -bergamot -feverfew -wormwood -parsley -mint – and of course LEMON BALM (long story made short…I love lemon balm and it seems to love me)

♥ I have a few DIY projects for this coming week. Annie left a comment on a recent post about using a baby gate in her garden. I automatically felt dumb that I hadn’t thought of that for our little problem of keeping the people out. It isn’t just the drunk people. The other day, there were two people taking pictures in my backyard, standing right where I just planted marigold seeds. I have no idea what’s wrong with people around here. I get that there’s cool things to take pictures of in back of my house but c’mon… respect,people! It’s obvious people live here.

Anyway…. so, I brought up the baby gate idea to hubby but turns out he really wanted to sell the baby gates we had, but he’s promised to make me a gate from something else.

We’re also going to build a bike rack for the driveway. Family of 8…. lots of bikes, no place to safely put them during the summer when they’re being used. I used to have a nice bike trailer that jerky teenage boys took for a joyride and returned to me with bent axles and popped tires. So,yeah..we need a bike rack we can lock the bikes to. Either out of pallets or pvc pipe.


I think that covers all the going-ons here. Hope you all had a great weekend and have a super week ahead!

Parting shot: The pretty stuff we’ve got going on in back of our house

It’s a climb to get down to it. There are rickety wooden stairs on our (ok,the landlord’s) property that go down into the woods. There’s a small flat space there (enough to put a tent up ) and that’s where we have our compost. Then from there, there’s a steep slope down to the creek .

3 thoughts on “Life Happenings & Garden Update

  1. Great photo’s! Love Thorkin’s feeding the lion! I am also fighting the urge to get the rest of my plants in the ground. Yesterday was so beautiful I never wanted it to end. Today is just as wonderful. I still love the change of season in New York. However, growing up in TX and VA I don’t think I will ever adjust to winter in NY. If only I could afford to be a winter Texan. My backyard is looking great. The front of my house is getting a new porch (the other one collapsed from to much water run off). So my front yard garden is on hold for a little while. Enjoy the season.

    1. It’s SOOOOOO nice today! PERFECT. I like the idea of being able to migrate south in the winter, too. I love every season here BUT winter 🙂

  2. Wow… You’ve got a lot going in your garden! I didn’t do one this year. We’ve just got our little rosemary plant and our grape vine. This post definitely makes me miss gardening! Maybe I can still get a few small plants to put in containers before it gets too hot. Damn Arkansas heat!

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