We can all contribute.

In relation to the recovery post the other day, a reader brought up her similar feelings as a disabled woman about activism….feelings that had me nodding in agreement!

Don’t make the mistake of labelling  Hashtag Activism on Twitter as “slactivism”. Hashtag activism gets things accomplished. Everyone who can use the technology can be an activist in that way. Not only is your voice being heard, you’re spreading the word. Calls are made. Protests are staged. Donations are made. Change can be made.

(One thing I need to say about hashtag activism…. If you see a campaign or petition on Facebook, please go to twitter and search that hashtag there. There is a lot of information lost when hashtags are carried over. You can follow the hashtag on twitter to keep up to-date to the second. If you repost on Facebook, make sure you credit the origins of the movement correctly and check for the newest info first )

Not everyone is ABLE to be a boots-on-the-ground activist. Me,personally? Busy family life plus not having transportation or disposable income limits me but I can do A LOT from my living room. I can make phone calls,send emails, use my social media. I can use my house as a drop off and distribution point for food,clothing, and other things local people need. I can host organizational meetings. I can do what I can from where I am.

“Just because I’m not at the food bank handing out food, doesn’t mean I’m not contributing to the cause of ending hunger.”
Well, said.

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