More: Changed Life of the Poor: Better Off but Far Behind


I don’t get the focus on what poor people own, anyway. Capitalism has worked it’s magic on those folks who care. They clearly believe the more things you have equal wealth. Things = Worth.

Beyond the affordability of “Things” now, I find that things  are easy to come by. I mean… I can go to a yard sale where they have a huge table full of quality toys I would never be able to afford brand new and because the parent does not feel like hauling all those toys back in the house and then have to figure out what to do with them, they might say, “Take that whole box there for $3”. It happens to me all the time. And because I know I couldn’t get these things for my kids new , I will take all of it. And yes…toys. My kids have toys,ok? Kids should have toys.  I usually save these thrift scores to give as gifts.

Or at a church rummage sale, near closing time… “Fill up a whole bag for $1”. I’m all over that. Big family, growing kids… we always need clothes and what I don’t end up using, I can pass on to someone.


I have a lot of things.

Most of them are nice things. Or at least…I like them a lot (which is all I care about).   I’ve had the troll types point at things in the pictures that were public on my Facebook profile, making a list of how much the contents my living room cost or what I could sell it for. Ha! I paid $30 for my couch second hand when my old neighbors moved out. The rest was free, handmade, scavenged,yard saled, gifted,thrifted,given, Craigslisted,Freecycled, keepsaked.  That flat screen TV? Won. I’ve always come by things in these ways, even when I have some financial stability (No, I haven’t always been poor)

How much could I sell all my possessions for? Honestly, probably half a month’s rent. It’s not worth much.And who the hell wants to buy my old crap, anyway?

And this weird poor judging lookyloo phenomenon isn’t just about who is receiving government assistance. Saying you’re poor seems to invite these people to figure out all the ways you were stupid enough to get poor. Homeless people get it. Oh,man…homeless people with cars. What are they thinking ,hanging on to that one thing that gives them shelter and mobility? Ridiculous in theory that a homeless person should sell their car.I know homeless people who knew homelessness was eminent, so they used what money they had to make sure insurance was paid and that they have money for gas. The car is the backup plan.
So, OK, what happens when they sell it? They have a wad of cash toooo…. do what with now? Security deposit & first months rent for an apartment, put food in the fridge? That’s about it. Then what? People assume “Get a job” is always an option. It isn’t always. People would know this if they think outside their own privilege box & become aware of more than their own business.

Can’t pay rent. Become homeless again and have to live on the street.

While it sounds like harsh judgment, I think some of that poor judging  is really the fearful panic of that person trying to figure out if it could be them someday. They tell you to sell this and do that because they think that’s what they would do if it happens to them …and then they get combative when you explain why that’s not a feasible plan because “Shit, then what will *I* do when it happens to me?”