Check it.

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Getting pretty sick of being told to shut up and stop talking about *insert -ism here*. Not going to stop talking about it. No, talking about it does not make it worse. The people who say and do oppressive things are the only ones who make it worse.
I have white lady privilege going on for myself and I’m not going to shut up about that either. Not going to stop asking people to recognize their own privilege . Not going to put up with “allies” who apologize for racist,classist,sexist,ableist behaviors. Done.

6 thoughts on “Check it.

  1. I fundamentally do not get the “you can’t fight FIRE with FIRE” complaints (memes?) going around lately. Because, like, you literally can fight fire with fire? It’s an accepted method of firefighting? To create a fire break? You scorch the earth/kill flammable plant life in a line, in a controlled way, and then the encroaching fire has no fuel so it can’t advance. It’s a thing that happens, it actually exists, you totally can and do fight fire with fire. And publicly airing grievances by a marginalized group against a majority group is an important exercise. it’s important for marginalized people to be able to discuss their unique issues and concerns. Discussing them helps bring about recognition & change. Gosh. That’s just one of the most ignorant things ever. “You can’t fight fire with fire.” You totally can.

    1. PS to clarify: I’m not calling YOU ignorant for posting that saying or addressing YOU personally. It’s more a general “you” of people trying to silence & shut down marginalized people by complaining that GOSH you can’t fight FIRE with FIRE have you tried being NICER? You’re hurting my FEELINGS. Didn’t you KNOW that CALLING someone a racist is worse than actually BEING racist/perpetuating racist systems?

      1. I’ve thought about saving all those comments that come my way. “I’m getting so tired of calling me racist! Boohoo!”. Well, sheesh,lady.. quit being racist 😛

        The other thing is that there are people on the Internet who think I’m a black women. THOSE comments have been ugliest.

  2. Well duh Jupiter, of course you are black because you are one of the poors!
    I weep for this Nation I really do. It is high time people leave their comfortable existence in their minds and see that the world is as rough as portrayed, if not rougher, for some folks and to stop acting like a “job” is what always makes things better. Asshats.

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