Feed Fayetteville plants community garden in downtown commercial zone | Fayetteville Flyer

There are very few community gardens that exist in commercial zones. In my local “green” city, I walk by so many commercial properties with landscaping space like this bank in Fayetteville, Arkansas that are either poorly tended or just have impractical shrubs and inedibles. Cities and businesses need to follow the Fayetteville example here.


 This concept supermarket has no packaged products, reduces #foodwastepsfk.com/2014/05/origin… via @PSFK

When the article refers to it as a “high end co-op” , that makes me think that it’s another concept that won’t benefit low income people.


“24 Women Food and Agriculture Reporters You Should Know About ” by ow.ly/x6yRV via @CivilEats

[D]oes it really matter who writes the stories, and who makes the decisions about deploying resources and presenting news? Yes, I think it does. Here’s one small example of why: Women who write are more likely, according to the study, to quote at least some women in their articles. That diversity of outlook and that range of voices are worth pursuing because it better reflects the world.

I think it matters,too.