Dumpster Diving Privilege


via Dumpster Diving Privilege | Dumpster Divers Diary

Discussions I have had with other low income folks about dumpster diving, their concerns are primarily being arrested but these are all great tips that point out the privileges associated with dumpster diving.  . Low wage earners at grocery stores and big box chains have lost their jobs over taking food from the dumpster and in some cases, the store will even press charges for “stealing”.  One thing poor people absolutely cannot afford is being arrested.

3 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving Privilege

    1. TRULY. My husband works at a store that does donate a lot to be distributed in the community but they lock some of the dumpsters and WILL fire an employee or other people for taking food. My husband will ask if he can have something and they honest to god will mark it with a sticker and make him pay for it (not a lot but still…it was garbage 2 seconds ago and now now want 50 cents for it? LOL)

  1. Once it’s in the dumpster, police can search it for evidence, why can’t someone take something out of it they might find useful?!

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