I’ll be back soon….


Hey,there, all you awesome Poor as Folk readers. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be taking a little hiatus from this blog, probably for the next month or so.

When I return, there will be a couple changes to how I’ll be using this blog and other social media. Such as:


· Expect to see more content put into print zine form & e-reader form.

There will also still be regular content just on the blog, usually regarding current events but some content already here on the blog will be polished and expanded upon to be published in print form.A lot of new content will be available this way exclusively. Since the purpose of this blog is to support low income people, the cost will typically be a “pay what you can” system (including an absolutely  free option).


· The Facebook page will be retired BUT you don’t need Facebook to read this blog.


If you use Facebook to keep track of this blog and you don’t follow too many others, you can use the link on the sidebar to subscribe by email.

A really valuable tool for people who read more than a few blogs is a feed aggregator, or feed reader. The huge advantage of using a feed reader over Facebook to keep track of what you read is that you will always see the content you want to see as it’s updated. You open your feed reader and everything you like is on your feed. No algorithm hides anything or shows you what it thinks you want to see. And of course, because it’s a private account, no one else can see what blogs you follow.
I use feedly, which I find to be really easy to organize into categories (parenting,gardening,geekery,art,etc) and here’s a good tutorial that explains how to use feedly if you’re new at this. There are also other feed readers,too, if feedly doesn’t work out for you.

You could also do the old-school method of bookmarking the page in your browser and checking back from time to time. People still do that, right?

During this break, I’ll still be using my Twitter like I do everyday  and you can feel free to follow me there. I tried for awhile to keep tweets there related to things I’d talk about here on the blog but since I’m a fully formed human and all, it was hard to just talk about one thing. So, that’s just a heads up for would be followers that I talk about PAF stuff there but also might talk about my kids or what book I just read that probably has nothing to do with food or being poor.

So, I’ll see ya’ll soon! In the meantime, if Twitter isn’t your thing and you need to get in touch with me, there are other ways to contact me listed at the link on top of the blog.  Be good and stay awesome, everyone.


5 thoughts on “I’ll be back soon….

  1. I went to the bother of redoing my twitter password for two reasons, being able to see your tweets is the main one. Just don’t tell anyone because I’ve kinda sworn off of twitter but this is the exception!

  2. I don’t blame you for leaving Facebook. It’s getting beyond ridiculous on there. I’ll definitely follow you both here and on Twitter. 🙂

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