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Em wrote the guest post awhile back here about being food stamp judged while buying food for her sick daughter. The family could really use your support right now. If you are able and looking for a way to pay forward generosity you’ve received in the past, please consider donating. Thank you!

Crazy Weird and Queer Family

Dear readers,

Some of you know that this year has sucked.  BIG TIME sucked.  Every time I think we are getting back on our feet another wave brings us under.

It started last September.  My daughter was complaining of a headache, nausea and vomiting, running a fever etc.  Being a kid with neutropenia, we took her to the ER.  For the first time ever, her white count was high.  It got even more bizarre when her thumb swelled.  Later, we found out the she had a condition known as osteomyelitis and septic arthritis.  She went septic and almost died.

Then, the house that we were living in literally collapsed forcing us to move.  We had to leave most of our things behind.  we lived with family for about a month before securing new housing.  People helped us replace many of the things we lost and we thought hell was finally…

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