I made potato salad for a lot less than $60,000



I have table-flipping-She-Hulk rage over that dude who raised at least $60,000 to make a damn potato salad. There was a 3 day period where I may have needed a trigger warning for talk of potato salad.

Which was sad because I really wanted to eat some potato salad. Since,you know, that’s about all I can eat these days and it sounded like a nice change from soup.

Over the weekend, we had salt potatoes for dinner. The next day, I used the leftovers to make what could only be described as Rage Against the Potato Salad Kickstarter Potato Salad. It was good with only a slight aftertaste of bitterness & rage.

It doesn’t take a genius or $60,000 to make tater salad. You take potatoes


…cut ’em into chunks. Maybe peel them first. Maybe not. Whatever.

Add some mayo, Dijon mustard,a splash of apple cider vinegar…some herbs (I like dill & lovage). Maybe even chop up some onions, if that’s what you’re into. I like hard boiled eggs in it,too.




That’s it. How much of each? Who knows. I just throw it together until it looks like potato salad. Like I said, doesn’t take a genius. Or someone who has money. I made a huge bowl for probably about $3.00 or so.

I need a kickstarter for a new house with better lighting in the kitchen so my food photography doesn’t look like crap. This potato salad tasted better than it looked.


So, now that I showed you how to make a decent potato salad for free, do me ONE favor:

If you have money to throw at a cause, please give it to people who need it and not someone who started a fundraiser as a joke.  If you don’t trust people on the Internet, go buy some potatoes and other good food to donate to your local food pantry. Thanks.





8 thoughts on “I made potato salad for a lot less than $60,000

  1. Amen sister! I’m helping get a food pantry for my little rural community. We have about a hundred needy families. Over half are senior citizens. A ten dollar donation would be a generous box of food, about a week’s worth, for a family. Use your charity budget wisely!
    NT, Oakwood Community Food Pantry

  2. I was pretty hurt and upset when I saw that too. My daughter is fighting MRSA and I am fearing another hospital admission not because I hate seeing her sick/in pain (although I do) but because I have no money for parking or food so I will have to stay with her, without anything to eat or seeing my wife and other kids, until she comes home. Once, she was in for almost a month. Yet, this joker gets 60k for potato salad…

    1. I actually cried when I 1st saw it. It was only at $16,000 then.
      I’m pissed. I wanted so much to raise the money you NEED and every single day, there are really worthy causes & individuals who need funds…and it’s a major feat to raise money. Grrr.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I am exceedingly grateful for the help I have had. BUT, I see shit like this or the people who lied about KFC or the girl who lied about her dead baby or the one who died …and it pisses me off. I have a real need and the hospital “can’t” help because I live too close and I can’t leave her because she is 9 and terrified and needs me to be a mom and an interpreter and an advocate. And, I haven’t learned telekinesis. And, if they begin to suspect I am ordering extra food on her tray, they charge me for a guest tray. Even if someone does bring me food, they won’t let me store it in the fridge…

        I’m sorry. I am hijacking things. I am just scared and overwhelmed.

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