LINK :: Open Letter to the Perpetrators of Thug Kitchen | VINE Sanctuary Blog.

This is a must read.
Like the author, I originally thought Thug Kitchen was created by a young black man using a stereotype to change the way people eat.  The language didn’t bother me (I’m all about the swears,you know) but I was slightly uncomfortable with the lack of attention to the issue of access and affordability, key components to helping bring about change in lower income households but still, it wasn’t enough to keep me from reblogging on Tumblr now and then.

When it was revealed that the creators are a heterosexual white couple just utilizing stereotypical speech as a gimmick, I was definitely disappointed . I wondered how the authors would receive and respond to the criticism from the Black community. The lack of respect is profoundly disappointing. They learned nothing but hey, white people are buying the book,so there’s that.

‘Black culture is popular, black people are not’ and the problem with Thug Kitchen creators is that they exploits this premise to benefit themselves and never using their own privilege to help to change the ideas that contribute to anti-blackness.