The rent is too damn high and other things happening in my life

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any sort of personal update here. The last few months have been ridiculous.Just ridiculous. I’m going to bullet point this.

  • The house we were renting was sold. We had 30 days to find a new place. The area we live in has a shortage of housing for families, never mind affordable housing. The area has one of the highest rental costs in the nation, even though it isn’t a major city. We don’t even live IN the city but in a very small town. The cost of rent here is comparable to Chicago or Seattle. The house we were living in was substandard (easily could have been condemned) ,so our rent there was half of what a typical 3 bedroom rents for. There have been times even that low rent was tough for us, so the idea of paying twice that was terrifying.
  • The day after we got the notice that we had to move, my husband hurt his back at work. So, he was out of work for that entire month and then some. Fortunately, the disability payments came through fairly quickly. Still, we had to borrow money to move since we needed first months, last months, and security deposit. I hate borrowing money, let alone thousands of dollars from family. So grateful that was even an option for us, otherwise I have no idea what we would have done. Also, hurt back = not especially helpful with the actual moving process. Ugh. It really was the worst moving experience ever.
  • We managed to find a house for  $400 more than what we had been paying. It was kind of amazing. It’s more than half the size of where we were living but somehow feels bigger because of the way the space is arranged. We’ve been here since Halloween and I love it. There’s  A YARD for my kids to play in! A barn,fantastic neighbors…working plumbing,heat in every room,no black mold. It’s still within walking distance of both the bus stop & the school (important since we have no car). It is a bit drafty (built in 1865) but I’m dealing with that. Also, the boiler system and old radiators have a learning curve but overall, this has worked out ok.
  • Hubby is back to work now full time but we’re still playing catch-up and that $400 more in rent is stressing me out. The one positive was that our food stamp amount went up while he was out of work, which helped a lot.
  • My youngest is now in full day pre-school (shoutout to the wonderful people at Head Start) . This means I can focus on actual work that pays me money. I’m choosing to focus on growing all my work at home endeavors for now,though. Between all the kids and things that come up in our family, I realized one day last month (after putting I don’t know how many job applications out there) that if I had been working outside the home, I’d probably have lost my job because of the amount of time I’d have to take off due to lack of affordable & reliable childcare.
  • My twins are graduating from high school this year, so we’re busy w/ college applications. The financial part of this is stressing me out. I know they’ll get financial aid and scholarships but STILL.
  • The family is urging me to also go back to school,too.The problem is, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up yet. Probably the obvious path would be related to social work. One day, I told my husband that I wanted to be a social worker. He laughed and said, “But you hate people!”  Hmmm. Maybe I need to work on that.
  • The saddest thing about the rapid move was that I had to abandon my garden . There was a bit left to harvest when we had to go .
    But look! I’m growing things here already. It’s a baby avocado tree I sprouted from a pit

Ok, I grew my own food. When can I eat it?

I think that about covers the past few months. I’m pretty focused right now on work but really want to still manage to find the time to update here with content that will be helpful.I keep thinking about this one Effective Time Management class I had to take ages ago in college. I might actually put into practice what I learned there. Weird, right?

I’m also still working on actual publications you can hold in your hands but that got pushed off to the side with life shenanigans but stay tuned. I’ll keep you all updated.

Thanks to all of you readers for making me WANT to spend the time and effort it takes to work on this blog.You make it worthwhile.

12 thoughts on “The rent is too damn high and other things happening in my life

  1. We need to talk! I went thru almost the exact same thing only my husband was in a motorcycle wreck, and I did go back to school for – Social Work! We have so much in common except I’m probably 5 years ahead of your path. I love your blog!!!

    1. Aw,thank you!
      So, did you survive going back to school? (Ok, obviously you did. Dumb question lol)
      I may need tips on how to deal with people.I LOVE helping people but omg… PEOPLE.

  2. There’s that catchy little expression, sometimes on posters, “Shit Happens”. A lot of people do not have a clue what that can really mean. Your readers, myself included, have tales to tell, just like your enlightening/harrowing post. In one brief entry you’ve exposed how so many of the 98% live: At the mercy of the housing market, frivolity of government subsidies (yeah one month, nay the next), incredibly sub-standard childcare policies, and higher education costs and policies that leave all American college students with a priceless education and insurmountable debt, while we all live in an unstable job market that may or may not absorb our brilliant, creative new graduates. Thanks for catching us up. I feel for your garden loss, but your new yard will surely offer some opportunities next spring, right? As far as the financial aid process, everyone experiences that nightmare equally, sadly. Hang in there! How exciting to have 2 graduating!! Congrats on that. Happiest of holidays! Let it go (hahahahah) for a few days and take a look at all the factors after New Years with perspectacles 🙂

  3. Thanks for the update! I was wondering how you were doing, but I was too shy to ask/prod you.

    Life is definitely a rollercoaster, eh? Well, I am glad to read that you are making it through. Here’s to less shenanigans in 2015, and more bright spots — and books that one can hold in one’s hands 🙂

    Much love and hugs to you!

  4. Thank you for the update. I always look forward to your new posts. I can see it has been a roller coaster, but good to hear husband is back working and kids doing well. For the college kids, yes, stressful to fill out those forms, but important. Seek out any and all scholarships you can possibly get. Best small tip I can give as we just sent our daughter off to college.

    I hear ya on the rent thing. We have to rent (not really in shape to buy a house), and yea, when they ask for so much up front, it is a battle.

    Hang in there. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

  5. I feel ya… 2014 has been a ROUGH year for so many of us! We’re facing a move as well, we moved here 2 yrs ago because the rent was 400 per month cheaper… and the owner has raised the rent 2 times already, and is holding off on renewing our lease (my suspicion is he’s going to try to jack it up again!) So I hope to be as lucky as you & find a decent place that doesn’t’ kill the non existent budget!

  6. I’m so glad you got a decent new place! I’ve missed you around the facebook but I bet you are so much happier. I need to make similar changes in my life this coming year.

  7. We all take breaks every now and then… My exciting bit of news was getting approved for financial aid again (academic probation sucks)…. Sorry you had to move. I kinda hope the new owner of the house tears it down and rebuilds it.

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