Beginning in January, Facebook will bring about more changes to that mysterious algorithm they use, which may even further limit the way Poor as Folk shows up in your feed…unless we pay Facebook to promote our posts which isn’t going to happen.
If you don’t want to miss anything, there are a bunch of ways to go about doing that!

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Some days, I kinda feel bad for people who follow me over there.

♥ There’s a Poor as Folk G+ pageI’m told no one uses G+ but in case you’re one of those no ones, it’s there for you.

Pinterest! There are boards there for “Cheap Eats”, the blog posts here, budgeting, and other things.

♥ I also do the Tumblr thing : Poor as Folk tumblr .Like with Twitter, I don’t just stick to poverty & food security issues.

Thanks so much to all of you for your support and love for the Poor as Folk blog! I will continue to try to make the blog and content as easy to access for everyone because YOU are all the entire point and what keeps me updating here.