Oh,yes. Mistakes will be made among all of us. I guarantee it. Mistakes are sometimes the worst thing ever when you’re poor because mistakes can be pretty damn expensive. (Don’t worry if you yelled at Neil while reading this. I did ,too. Goddess bless ya, Neil but you can afford to make mistakes)
Somehow, I still love all the mistakes for that teachable moment.
Well, eventually I learn to love the mistake. Sometimes.
I can think of a $3 miscalculated mistake that caused a $20 bank charge for overdraft fee and $30 bounced check fee from the company the check was made out to. Had to just close the account and use cash only for awhile because I couldn’t afford to get out of that “mistake” hole.

But anyway….

Here’s to 2015 and future mistakes. Let’s hope the mistakes made are the kind that lead to great things.

My biggest takeaway from this is ,”Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, do it.”

I currently have a couple of those big scary things. More than making the mistakes and getting something from them, it’s doing the scary things that will lead to better things.