Jodeci’s “Nobody Wins” makes a statement about domestic violence

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The video for Jodeci’s first single in well over a decade is a platform for the issue of domestic violence. There’s a part that touches on how poverty and the fear of poverty keeps victims trapped in abusive relationships. It’s a huge factor that keeps the abused from leaving.  A large percentage of homeless women became homeless after leaving a domestic violence situation. An abuser exerting financial control over the victim is quite common, preventing her or him from earning a stable income.

Here are a couple issues with the song and video I need to speak about. K-Ci himself was a perpetrator of domestic violence. In a statement when the song was released , K-Ci said, “We aren’t immune to issues that are important in our community. Domestic violence has always been an issue in relationships, but lately it’s been brought to the front of our community consciousness.”  I think we’re supposed to just assume that K-Ci has faced his own actions and learned how to do and be better, or if you’re unaware of the history there, K-Ci looks like a man who is stepping up to end violence against women. Either way, hearing more about what’s led to this activism via music would benefit those in the abuser role of domestic violence dynamics. The personal narrative of how he himself was not immune would certainly bring authenticity to the message.

The song itself isn’t all that in depth and might even make it sound like “fussing and fighting” is a 2-way street with victims having responsibility for having a part in their own abuse.

I certainly don’t want to undermine the message of the video by bringing up the problematic history because the message itself is important.

If you’re in an unsafe relationship and are able to reach out, here are some important numbers: (Institute of Domestic Violence in the African-American Community)

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