Thank the gods for consignment shops

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I have no idea what show this is from but it’s so on point.
I was pretty sure this was going to be me this week. I paid the rent, which left us with about $40 for bus fare and those other pesky things we need until the 8th…and food stamps aren’t issued on our card until the 9th.Sometimes, I get REALLY excited about those 58 cents positive balances.

BUT then I got a check in the mail yesterday for things I sold at a local consignment thrift shop! $108 for the past 2 months of things I sold there. NOT BAD for just clothing my kids have outgrown. If there’s a consignment shop around you, check it out. The one I consign to allows no limit on how much you consign if you do your own pricing & tagging and they pay out 40%  if your item sells.

So,whew. There’s more than 58 cents in the account. This week, anyway.

9 thoughts on “Thank the gods for consignment shops

  1. I know that feeling. Despite my disdain for a local place, I’m seriously considering freestyle knitting and crocheting stuff to sell. They have a copyright clause in their acceptance of things. You have to be the local creator and copyright holder of whatever you’re trying to sell. Time to break out the stitch dictionary. o_O

    I’m also scheduled to do a paid study at the NIH initially worth $100.00 with the promise of more if I qualify. All of this is to ensure my account doesn’t go negative…yet again.

    1. Ack, that’s a tough one. But then I wonder how they would ever know if the pattern was totally original (like on Etsy ).

      I’ve been looking at doing some paid studies at Conrell,too. It helps that most of them will pay for transportation

  2. Ahh..that’s like winning the lottery!

    Was just today looking to see if I had enough in my account to pay for netflix on Tuesday . I’m a few dollars short so the kid will have to contribute.

    I so wish I could sell stuff around here. The one and only time I tried I’m pretty sure the lady stole from me. Saying items hadn’t sold so she donated them….

      1. Well you’ve got me thinking. There’s a consignment shop about ten miles from my place with a much better reputation( the other one closed down and this one has been around for more than 30 years). Any bit will help as you well know… it’s worth a shot!

        God, and I’m surrounded by colleges and universities here in massachusetts maybe I should try to get in on this research stuff.. ; )

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