This is me. My husband hates it.”How can you say that?! It’s clearly not going to be OK.”

But it always somehow does work out. I love being right.
The funny thing is, when other people tell me that it’s all going to be ok, it pisses me off.

3 thoughts on “Apocaloptimist

  1. You are singing my life with your words. Seriously. I wish I knew this word years ago!!

    Also, yes. When people say I’ll be fine with certainty I get flaming angry. Like YOU DONT KNOW WHAT I DO TO KEEP THIS SHIP AFLOAT. It’s like I’m angry because my opinion is based on all the facts and if they don’t have that I feel like they’re blowing smoke and that means they think I’m blowing smoke and we are in on some b.s. Lie but no because I do know it’s going to be okay.


  2. This is me! I used to get really *really* angry when people said it’s going to be fine or okay, because yeah, whadda YOU know!? But after a long time (a long long time) of being negative about life and the crap it throws at you, I finally came to realize your first sentiment, Jupiter – somehow it *always* works out. This too shall pass. The worst scenario is someone dies, so if that doesn’t happen, then, well, everything’s gonna be okay. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, as my dad used to say.

    What I do say is: ‘Yes, I know it’ll be okay, but for right now will you please just allow me a few minutes of sheer panic / frustration / madness? Thanks.’

    PS: I’m totally stealing the photo.

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