Keep your dreams.

Is it just me who feels that, as a poor person, people are very quick to talk you down from your goals and aspirations? It doesn’t seem to be as a kind hearted act to help you avoid being crushed when things don’t pan out. It feels more like they really don’t have faith that you could possibly achieve anything beyond the reach of poverty. Even when they are supposed to be your support people.

Is it just me that feels that?

Maybe those small minds are right. Who knows? I just know that if you listen to them and believe them, poverty is going to be an even darker place without that thing you’re dreaming of.

6 thoughts on “Keep your dreams.

  1. It’s definitely not just you. I have witnessed it happen to quite a few people. And me. Unfortunately, I am my own worst enemy in this regard.

  2. I sometimes wonder if my small dreams are the result of shrugging off consumerist chains or a lifetime of scaling my dreams back a little here and a little there like the skekzees hacking away at the Dark Crystal.

    Your dreams are awesome and attainable!!!!

  3. That’s awful to hear and it should never happen (but so it does). I guess if people are going to be negative it’s not just because of money, or lack of, it’s because they are just negative people to be around. That’s the great thing about being online, you can surround yourself with people who share the same values and enthusiasm as you.
    Dreams are hope and we all need that.

  4. Ppl can be like crabs in a barrel. No one wants to see you rise to the top so they all try to pull you down. You have to be your own motivator!!!!!

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