What content would you like to see the most of on Poor as Folk?

5 thoughts on “What content would you like to see the most of on Poor as Folk?

  1. I like the low cost recipes. I also read the links to inequality issues. Things about raising kids to not need the “it” items to feel good about themselves  

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  2. I follow because I am active in our local community food pantry. This blog is most helpful when it comments on things related to helping folks get by on very limited income. The majority of our clients are elderly, so things that can help people with limited physical abilities would be very welcome. This is a very rural area, so things that only work in urban settings is less helpful to me. Anything that can translate to helping our folks is appreciated. These people are pool in the pocketbook, but rich in experiences!

  3. I like the low-budget meals and gardening the best. They seem to go together. I also like the low-cost tips. I also like the personal stories and political activism too. Hard to vote on just one issue. I voted for low-budget meals, but I’d miss the others.

  4. I voted for thrifty living ideas but it was a close tie withe the meal planning. I like ALL of the content, but I’m a more hands on person and my favorites tend to be things that I can actually do something about. I have health issues, so I basically go to work and use the rest of my energy to take care of myself and occasionally volunteer for the local gardening club.

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