Weekend Links

A trove of read-worthy links relating to poverty and inequality.


The Poor People’s Campaign: The little known protest MLK was planing when he died – The goal: to demand that President Lyndon B. Johnson and Congress take action to help poor people get employment, health care, and decent housing. The tactic: marching through the US Capitol and demonstrating at federal agencies to convince Congress to pass major anti-poverty legislation. The unique approach: the participants would physically stay there, living on the National Mall in an encampment dubbed Resurrection City, until they saw results.

J. Cole is turning 2014 Forest Hills Drive into  rent-free housing for single mothers with multiple children – J Cole bought back the house his mother lost. Now he wants to help other families headed by single mothers raise themselves out of poverty by letting them live there rent free. It’s a stellar idea.

Dropkick Murphys want Scott Walker to stop using their music – Scott Walker is one of those guys who hates poor people and the working class and also fails to listen to the lyrics in catchy songs. I mean… otherwise, why would he choose a pro-worker’s rights song as an anthem?

Living with a record: How past crimes drive job seekers into poverty – Once the sentence is served, it should be considered served. The end.

When Bootstraps Don’t Work. (Image: Khalil Bendib / Otherwords)

Inequality is Costing Us Big-Time – If America had been as equal in 2007 as it was in 1979, that average income would have been $94,310. In other words, inequality is costing the average American family about $18,000 a year.

Sweatshop: Dead Cheap Fashion puts fashion bloggers in sweatshops –  I haven’t watched this yet but I’m intrigued. The concept is to raise awareness of the horrifying conditions for workers, Danish fashion bloggers go to work in a Cambodian sweatshop. As always with these types of docu-dramas, there are critics both praising it for expose factor and others condemning for exploitation and poverty-tourism feel.

Old doctor treats poor patients without insurance for free – The state of Mississippi says because he uses his car, it’s an unauthorized mobile clinic and is trying to take his license. Of course.

Library social worker helps homeless people seeking quiet refuge -I didn’t know it until reading this that I want to be a library social worker when I grow up.
In the public library in the city closest to me, the bathrooms are locked. You have to ask for the key. If you look like you might be homeless, they won’t give it to you. The people who work at the library are not very nice to homeless coming in to use the resources. It’s definitely awful. They need a social worker on staff, please.

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