How I Save on Groceries (without Coupons) – Letters from Sunnybrook.

This is a great rundown of how to cut your budget without coupons.

One of the common things I see people holler at low budget & food stamp shopping people is ,”USE COUPONS!” (actually, THE most ridiculous internet feuds I’ve ever been involved in was about couponing! A group of Couponing Divas used 57 pages on their forum to trash talk me & poor people on food stamps. I was so flattered that they used their free non-couponing time to think about moi)

I have found that coupons don’t work for us at all. When we do the math, we end up spending less just buying a store brand , even if the coupon is for something that the store is having a sale on. We do use store coupons.

Plus,  when I look at coupons, I never  can find things we will use. We don’t use packaged,pre-made foods. Coupons are rarely for raw ingredients. I look at what can be bought with coupons and wonder what the hell I would even do with a lot of that crap.
Like… in this Pin:

I would use the toilet paper but I could find a lot better things to spend $20 on.

But anyway… that’s how we do things here. If coupons work for you, that’s super awesome. If you’re like me and find they don’t ,feel free to share your other non-coupon tips in the comments!