Don’t boycott the people of Indiana. It will only hurt those who need the most support.

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If I’m going to be honest, I have been dreading this day since election night 2014. We knew it was coming. With historically low voter turnout, Indiana’s most vulnerable populations were in even more danger of losing their rights. We at Indy Feminists registered hundreds of voters, and it was a tough blow to see the election results. That is to say, historic gains on the stranglehold the so-called “Christian” Right already had on Indiana’s legislature.

Now the burden is to mitigate the damage we’re stuck with.

Yesterday, a tyrant I did not vote for signed a hate bill into law.

Today, the nation responded by saying “Boycott Indiana.” One of my heroes, George Takei, has called for this.

And I understand. There is so much anger, so much rage, and most of those people calling to hurt us economically have no personal investment in this state.

But I would…

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