× Instead of helping people in poverty, The World Bank has displaced 3.4 million people and widened economic inequality.

× Thank God for Peanut Butter and Jelly Day – Marian Wright Edelman weighs in on the chances of impoverished kids beating the odds without the help of programs for food insecure families.

× Driver License Suspension Creates Cycle of Debt – another example of how expensive it is to be poor

×First Generation Students Unite – Ivy League students from low income backgrounds discuss the privilege and struggle of being First Gen students usually from a very different socioeconomic world as most of their classmates

× Flat Broke, Living in a Moldy Basement,and Relying on Food Stamps and Medicaid – Wow, this took me back to my early 20’s.  I made $6.25/hr and was a single mom. We lived in THE worst basement apartment. When it rained, water would pour out of the electrical sockets and slugs and worms would come in under the door. Great fun. It was the most depressed I’ve ever been in my life.

× Five Reasons the Fight for $15 Matters for LGBT People –  The same rights and accessibility extended to working heteronormative and cis gendered people do not always apply to LGBT people.

× Dropping Out and Clocking In – Why teens from low income families drop out of high school and what that looks like for their families and their future.

× We can’t address poverty until we listen to those who are living in it – A-men.

× #TheHomelessPeriod project provides homeless women with sanitary products for when they’re menstruating.I don’t know if the program addresses the needs of homeless transgender men who also get their period , so if you’re donating these supplies to shelters, please consider selecting shelters that are transgender inclusive to fill that need.

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