I Can Haz Rant? “That’s So Ghetto.”

A post I read ages ago but have been thinking a lot about recently. I HATE when people call things ghetto. I see a lot of that surrounding interactions I have related to this blog. No, putting tomato sauce and American cheese on bread isn’t “ghetto pizza”. No, your Lifeline “Obama Phone” isn’t a ghetto phone. It’s also horrible when poor white people bemoan having to “go into the ghetto” to their local DSS or WIC. Or gods forbid, they have to LIVE in “the ghetto” because it’s the only affordable housing. It certainly has this air of, “I am way too good to live or exist amongst THOSE people. Poor me.” Ew,

Change From Within

Most of the time, I try to create well-reasoned and carefully-crafted blog posts about pressing social issues.  Today, though, I’ve gotta rant.

There’s a lot of common language that bothers me for its oppressive and prejudiced implications.  With some of that language, though, I find a lot of allies in ending their problematic use.  For instance, I know of at least one school that is hosting an “End the R Word” rally to stop people from calling people and things “retarded.”  I hear more and more young people speaking out against “That’s so gay” and “You’re such a fag.”  That gives me hope.

However, there’s lots of hurtful and messed up language use that seems to go unchecked an awful lot.  So going along with my posts on White people using the “n-word” and on the word “bitch,” here goes my rant…

People need to stop…

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