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New York is planning to incrementally raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for all fast food employees. Many people on social media have complained that many other professions, like entry-level medical professionals, do much more work than people who merely “flip burgers.” They argue that fast food workers don’t “deserve” a higher minimum wage. Lots of people are making that case. But not everyone is.

A Texas-based paramedic, who wrote a message that was reposted on popular image sharing site Imgur, also makes $15 an hour, and he has something to say about the minimum wage increase. But it isn’t what you might think.

Read his heartfelt message below.

Source: Imgur

Agree or disagree, this seems like a very compassionate way to examine the issue of the minimum wage. [tc-mark]

Correction: The article originally stated the paramedic lived in New York — where the…

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