Like… food stamp and austerity challenges to see what it’s like to be poor instead of just listening to poor people tell it like it is. 

3 thoughts on “Listen

  1. I can understand your frustration with talking to people who just don’t get it. Don’t let that stop you from talking about it or continuing to share your experiences.

    Think of it like the difference between gazing at a work of art “painting a picture” and actually reaching out and touching a tree. For some people the painting works, others need to feel the bark to experience the tree.

    Please don’t ever let the fact that you won’t reach all people ever stop you from sharing, since you will definitely be reaching some. Also, sometimes there are things that are so outside of our life experience that even though we think we understand how it might be, the act (for ex: wearing an overweight suit) brings an even deeper understanding.

  2. When people try to eat frugally or pretend to be disabled, they cannot possibly know what it feels like to be that way for decades. It gets old quick! All we can do is try to raise awareness, no matter how imperfect that awareness is. We could not possibly understand what it’s like to be them, either.

  3. “why do people have to step in your shoes…..”?

    Maybe outwardly they mean “well”, but I think inwardly they still have that sense that they are better or smarter and that people receiving benefits just simply must be missing a small obvious point that, if changed, would suddenly and dramatically turn around their entire lives. In other words, by waving a magic fairy wand…..POOF! you too are Gwyneth Paltrow.

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