Winter is Coming


Welp. Looks like this is what we’re heating the house with this winter. I haven’t named it yet. Does anyone else name inanimate-yet-productive things that are a daily part of your life? No judgement. I do it. If people think I’m squirrely because of it, that’s their problem.

So,yeah. She’ll need a name.

There’s a brand new propane furnace here but when we called to set up an account w/ the fuel company, they ran a credit check which went like you might expect for us. Since we got a big 0 on that credit check, the company requires a $600 deposit . That is absolutely not going to happen.

So, wood it is then!

It is such a scary,scary thought to be in this situation where we couldn’t set up an account with the fuel company and NOT have this wood stove as a backup.

I’m nervous. This house is wonky as hell. The main part was built in 1825. That corner you see in the pic up there is most definitely mostly original brick from where the fireplace and hearth would have been. It has been added to over the years. You can tell that parts of other buildings and houses were used to make the changes. It’s an upcycled house all the way. I call it The Frankenhouse.  The windows are kind of a nightmare and I am already planning on buying 80 rolls of plastic at Lowe’s to make them less nightmarish. Obviously, no insulation either. Except some spray foam insulation in weird cracks and places around windows.

As I said before, I LOVE this house and property but there are a lot of issues that explain why the rent is affordable for us. This really was the best option for us. Actually, it was the only option.

The good news is we qualify for HEAP and they will help us get a couple cords of wood delivered before it gets cold (usually mid-to-late October is when I absolutely have to turn the heat on) and the rest won’t be so hard to stockpile from local people who sell firewood.  I hope. I’m crossing my fingers this winter isn’t as awful as last winter.

Next thrift shop trip: Blankets and big,bulky sweaters!

7 thoughts on “Winter is Coming

  1. wow… 600$ seems a bit excessive!! I’m very glad you’ve got a good backup though. I’m very glad to live in a climate that requires very little heating (maybe a month worth of ‘cold’ nights.. ie nearing freezing, anything higher than that is managed with warm blankies & jammies 🙂 Daytime isn’t an issue here.

  2. Consider getting a portable kerosene heater for your master BR or for any room on the 1st floor that is too far away for the wood stove to affect. You might be able to find one at a thrift store, yard sale, estate sale on a farm. Also, you can take old/cheap sheets and tack them across tops of doorways (including exit doors) to block cold air – just make sure the sheets hit the floor so the cold air doesn’t leak in underneath. It’s amazing how much cold air you can block with sheets because they are woven so tightly. Friend of mine did that in an old farmhouse built in 1760/1840 (kerosene heater and sheets) that probably didn’t have any more insulation than yours does. Worked great and it was a BIG house – 5000 sq ft with 12′ ceilings.

    1. YEP, already pulling out the drapes and sheets and things that I used in the last house. We didn’t have any heat in several rooms there. We still have space heaters from when we lived there. I also found several space heaters in the basement, so I’m guessing they had to use them.

  3. The little fan gizmos that sit on the top of the stove really work, and use no energy other than the stove’s heat. And the cast-iron pots also make the stove do double duty.

  4. Looks like a nice little stove, & big enough to cook on, too! Are you experienced with wood stoves? Do make sure your chimney is clean, & don’t make the mistake I did once, using sawdust as a substitute for kindling. I got a scary chimney fire out of that – live and learn! Wood heat is great, though. Wishing you a warm cozy winter.

    1. Yep, it’s been awhile but I kinda grew up with wood stoves and such. The stove and pipe and everything was surprisingly clean! (Nothing else was when we moved in lol)

  5. It’s too bad HEAP doesn’t help with the deposit at the fuel company, especially with children in the home. But you’re right, it’s such a good thing you have the wood stove to fall back on!

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