1st of the Month

Ugh, I just depressed the hell out of myself writing about how I’m struggling to keep my head up and above the flood waters (what caused the flood? The tears of poor people is what I’m going with) and how sick and tired I am of being so damn poor.

Say “thank you” to my backspace key for saving you all from reading all of that blah stuff. I know damn well I don’t even have to write about all the stressful details that come with the 1st week of every month because anyone struggling right now has their own version of it.
So,instead…. here’s a pic of the autumnal view from my rented-homestead porch! Good scenery is a perk to rural poverty. It’s shocking no one has tried to capitalize off of it yet. 


6 thoughts on “1st of the Month

  1. Beautiful picture! I bet it’s gorgeous when the sun shines through. Positive thoughts bring better days. It’s unavoidable. Everyday think of one good thing and try and be thankful. I’m struggling to do this too. When I can’t sleep I go outside and look at the stars. It is spectacular! Us poor folks can enjoy many things the rich can and I bet we appreciate it more too! (((Hugs)))

  2. rural poverty in the UK is pretty beautiful as well , keep your chin up , ive just sat and had a meltdown that the stair carpet has got a hole in it and will have to be replaced , guess its sell a kidney month again

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