My boys went to school with new shoes on their feet this morning. Several readers here (and Facebook page followers) donated funds to my Paypal. This was me:

I have such a hard time accepting help. I could be living in our car and still be using the library’s wifi to tell you all to donate to the woman in Minnesota who got her face smashed by a racist white lady at an Applebee’s or any of the other people who need help in their poverty struggles.

I’m bad at this being poor thing. 

I’m also bad at properly putting thanks into words. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude at the moment. 

Not only were we able to buy new shoes yesterday, we stopped at our favorite thrift store and bought winter coats for each of them. And 2 pairs of pants for the youngest which seemed necessary after he came home from school with a huge unpatchable rip in his pants. I don’t know what it is with this kid and pants. I have saved all of the 10 year old’s outgrown clothes for the 5 year old and he just completely destroys all the pants. Maybe it’s a local phenomenon that boys’ pants secondhand shops are slim pickings? I often end up going to the girl’s section where there is plenty to choose from and it’s easier to find pants that look non- gendered.

So, my kid is wearing “girl’s” pants to school today and I doubt anyone will even know. 

We also put gas in the car and bought a few more groceries. If not for the kindness of strangers, the days between now and payday would have been a struggle. 

I’m big on paying it forward and can’t wait until I’m in a position to pay all this goodness forward to someone who needs help. I wish it could happen right NOW . So many of you are in exactly this same place. It hurts. 

Thank you so much, folks. Feeling a lot of love this morning. You’re all wonderful.