Here’s my good-bad news:

My husband got a raise. 50 whole cents more per hour.

I am finally easing back into work at home mode. The summer and our hectic move made working difficult. We’re settling in, my kids are in school full time. I am not at a place where working outside the home is a feasible plan- economically and logistically, working elsewhere won’t fly.

 So I’m grateful I have skills and options that help me work at home. It’s going well but it’s still a small source of income. Still, small is better than none….


We just had to recertify for SNAP. That small income was enough to make us ineligible. By $73.

I say this all the time… being in the income range where you just miss qualifying for help is just as dangerous a place as qualifying. SNAP works and it works well. Without SNAP, there is no food budget. SNAP opponents will often deconstruct the acronym to point out that the S stands for Supplemental. “It’s meant to be extra money for food!” 

No. No, it isn’t . I mean…maybe that was the intention but that isn’t how it works. Anyone who has ever lived on a SNAP budget will attest: That money is not extra money for food. It IS the food budget. 

Even McDonald’s gets this. Recall when Mickey D’s offered “helpful tips ” for employees on how to live on poverty wages. Their McBudget had no food allowance. Why? Because they were well aware that employees would qualify for SNAP. SNAP was the food budget.
Low income families without SNAP have to make economic decisions that sacrifice food.Pay rent or groceries? Heat & electricty or food? Food is always sacrificed because no one is going to come knock on the door and give the food in the fridge an eviction notice. Know what I mean?  Priority goes to making sure you have a place to live. 

So, I’m in this weird place now where I should be happy we’re achieving small successes but I can’t because we’re still living under that poverty line and not making enough to make ends meet. 

This is ridiculous,y’all .

I have gratitude for all that I do have, so there’s that. And I have to add that. I am so damn grateful and count allllll the blessings . Blessings counted. Thanks given. Every day. But I have to actually SAY that I am because poor haters will assume I’m not . That’s how the Interwebs works.