Recommend to me….

I do this every year as winter approaches on my personal social media but I thought I’d do a version of it here. I have a terrible time in the winter and having some new & different things help me get through.

This blog needs a little fluff sometimes. 

Recommend to me 1 or all of the following: 

  1. A book
  2. A movie or documentary
  3. An art or craft blog 
  4. A food blog…or maybe a specific recipe 
  5. A podcast 
  6. A song, album, or music artist
  7. A topic you’d like me to write about

Some things about me:

  • I read every type of genre. I often am reading a few books at once- usually something fiction, something non-fiction, and an assortment of others things like graphic novels/comics, cookbooks, young adult novels, etc
  • Same w/ movies… for the most part. Not a fan of gory horror. It’s hard to pick my favorite favorites.It might be Bladerunner. Or Arsenic and Old Lace,maybe. It’s hard to say.
  • I’m all about neat things to make and pretty things to look at. I’m a knitter, upcycler, sewer, general artsy person. I love stuff I can do with the kids  inside on school breaks and snow days. 
  • Ugh,to be poor and be a foodie, so I’m always looking for inspiration for low cost recipes. Or sometimes I just like to take a gourmet recipe and challenge myself to make it frugal.
  • My fave podcasts are bookish/writerish,current events, social commentary, music related, some pop culture. But I am certainly open to expanding into other topics.
  • I love music. All of it. 
  • And I always welcome input here!

9 thoughts on “Recommend to me….

      1. Awesome. I add sausage and think it really adds to the flavor (even if you don’t use much). The barefoot contessa has a great fennel and shrimp recipe as well. And even just roasting with EVO. Fennel was something I wasn’t familiar with until I learned more about it from my boss (I’m a nanny/personal assistant) who cooks with it all the time when in season. An interesting veg.

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. I can relate in so many ways. Your post regarding snap rally hit home! I recently got a raise at work (single mom no child support, yes I’m taking him to court..AGAIN). This income increase was enough to make the state of Florida raise my children’s health insurance Florida Kid Care from $20/mo subsidised to $600/mo full pay. Evidently an additional $1/hr is enough to afford that price increase. I feel your pain. Hang in there somehow someway things always work out

    1. I remember dealing with something similar when I was a single mom! The case worker actually recommended I reduce my hours to part time. I just don’t understand how these have to be the choices we need to make 😕
      (I never got child support either. Still. They are adults now.)

  2. I’ll take a shot!

    1. “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains”
    The first-hand adventures of Isabella Bird, a woman who had to wait until her parents died to go out into the world and see what she wanted to see. She wrote this account in the 1860s. Don’t hold me to this, but I think she was the first woman to climb Long’s Peak in Colorado. In a long skirt and boots she found on the side of the mountain.

    2. Human, the movie. 3 parts, all fascinating.

    3. I don’t do arts & crafts any more. My kids had the decency to grow up and get their own lives. 🙂

    4. Nigella Lawson has a new book and TV series on right now. I love to take her vegetarian recipes and play with them.

    But the other night I made this recipe with a mild curry and it was so SO SOOOO good. However, it does require coconut milk. I don’t know if you can find that on the cheap.

    5. I love Tracy & Holly at the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast; they’re like the NPR folks without giving you the sleepys. Great information too.

    Also found this article with more smart podcasts:

    6. Whenever I don’t know what I’m in the mood for, I tune in some Craig Chaquico.

    7. No ideas here – sorry!

    1. Ooh, these all sound so good!
      A friend also recommended that podcast and I keep forgetting about it. It definitely sounds like one I will enjoy.

      In the international foods section where we shop, there is coconut milk in cans that is a lot less than the other coconut milk elsewhere in the store! I LOVE curry and everything chickpeas 😀

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