2015 was brought to you by…

There were a number of people who helped support me and my family this year in a variety of ways and without them , Poor as Folk wouldn’t be a thing and I struggled a little less in my daily life than I would have otherwise.  Many,many thanks to the following….

  • The readers here at the Poor as Folk blog and followers everywhere else on social media. You are why I do it. Thanks so much for sharing your personal heartaches and struggles, as well as successes. The amount of compassion and goodness in the Poor as Folk community is astounding. Thanks also for all the words of encouragement that kept me going.
  • The Backpack Program and The Food Bank of the Southern Tier
  • my husbands co-worker who loaned him money so we could pay rent one difficult month
  • The Finger Lakes Library System – I don’t know what I’d do without my library. Countless of books to fuel my autodidacticism, free activities and programs for my kids, books and movies to keep the whole family well read and entertained,and use of computers when I needed one. Plus, a warm (or cool), comfortable place to hang out wiwhen I was stuck in the city with hours until I could get a bus home.
  • everyone who donated money this year! Whether it was $5 or $100, every single bit helped and was greatly  appreciated. I have a short list but I know there will be names missing because I saved the list on my computer that died. Thanks to Sara,Annie,Cynthia, Laura,Drucilla,Nichole,Marci,Cari,Cherri,Elyssa,and quite a few Anons.
  • my in-laws for loaning money once to help make it to the payday
  • The Caroline Food Pantry for helping feed us after our SNAP was cut. They also have a “Give and Take” exchange where I was able to pass on things we don’t and scored new-to-us plates (because I’m a klutz and have broken all but two of ours) and a warm sleeping bag.
  • the random gifts I received in the mail when I had a PO Box. Things like lemon tree seeds, books,zines,coupons, and personal letters that made my day.
  • Hanne for the box of food from Amazon Pantry! Oh,my gosh…this was wonderful for our family.
  • Rose, who sent us a blender after she say me say on Facebook that I didn’t have one.. Yay,smoothies! She also sent me super warm socks that my daughter claimed and sweet little treats for myself.
  • Cornell University Elves Program ,specifically Elf #60. Without this program, my kids would have had no gifts to open this holiday.  

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