Jan 5: Yays,Boos,and Goals

Here’s what’s happening in our world.

Starting with the bad stuff….


  • We’re late with the rent because we had to pay car insurance
  • We had no water from Friday night until Saturday afternoon. I lived in a house without running water once and forgot how much I love running water and indoor plumbing.
    melting snow on the woodstove for toilet flushing

    Eventually, I figured out that it was a small issue with the pump and fixed the problem myself which was a super good thing since I called the landlord’s rental agency, left a message for the “on call emergency” person ( a person took the message, not a machine) and here it is Tuesday and never have heard a word back. I suppose I should have called them to say I got the water running again but I was honestly curious to see how well they respond to issues. I think they failed that test and now I don’t feel as bad about being late with rent.

  • THIS:   Ok, I LOVE my boys but I did not enjoy winter break at all. Not only was there never (well,hardly ever) peace, it’s so hard to work at home and have kids home from school. It’s not like you can really get a lot of work done, which of course adds to stress and frustration when you really have to be making money.
  • Winter showed up. I was just kinda boasting yesterday morning about how awesome I did at winterizing and how toasty warm it was inside but I didn’t wait for the temperature to drop low enough. Holy Elsa, it’s fuh-reeeezing in here. Wood stove roaring and the temp this morning inside is barely 60. It’s the wind. If the wind isn’t blowing, it’s fine.


  • Well, running water was welcomed back. I will never under appreciate it again  
  • I just complained about winter break but we actually did manage to have some good fambly time. We had some good movie nights ( thank you , library), baked( banana bread,of course), played games, and general fun stuff. We made these birdfeeders from my out of control dishes-to-craft-with stash  that I’ve acquired from free piles and yard sales to use for mosaics and various crafty stuff.

    the chickadees love it
  • Food pantry food. Seriously. What would we be eating without it? I guess a pluckier gal would use some of her thrifted tea cups to start an indoor garden!
  • The boys went back to school. I can get back to work. HALLE-effing-lujah
  • My ex (my twins’ dad) bought us a pallet of Envirobricks. With our wood supply running low, this will help a lot. So far, I think they’re awesome and I’m noticing that the bricks are definitely more efficient than the wood. img_1770


  1. pay rent ,obviously
  2. Figure out how to not have garbage. Not even kidding. We have to pay $18 a month for garbage plus $10 for a sheet of garbage tags that go on each garbage can. We barely have any garbage. We compost and recycle everything we can so all of our actual garbage is packaging and the few things that cant be reused or recycled somehow. I want to cut that $18+ out of my budget entirely (I didn’t even pay that bill last month,actually)
  3. Stay warm. Keep stalking all the drafts with non-expanding spray foam and scraps or rags. Make some more draft dodgers for along the floorboards? I don’t know what else I can do. Doorways are covered with drapes or blankets. Windows sealed with vinyl. Just so much ugh
  4. Figure out what to make with this.img_1944 Garlic Piastra? Even Google didn’t help me much. I asked my oldest son because he knows a ton about food plus works at a food bank in another city and he had no idea either. The best I can figure it it’s a dry seasoning for a rub or marinade?  Yay,flavor! I’m nearly out of every herb and spice in my pantry. My Taxmas shopping list looks ridonkulous. I will buy a year supply of ginger if someone doesn’t stop me.
  5. See if we can do our taxes ,like,now. I need Taxmas to be here.

11 thoughts on “Jan 5: Yays,Boos,and Goals

  1. A piastra is a grill they use primarily for seafood, I would guess that you’re right, that’s some kind of seasoning mix. Try using it like that and see if it tastes ok. Add a little to ramen maybe and see how it tastes.
    I got a lentil and rice mix from the pantry once with a weird name. It was actually inedible.
    I, too, will never take running water for granted. It’s more important than having power. You just can’t keep things clean without running water.

    1. I got fish from the food pantry so maybe I’ll experiment with that first. I’m also thinking of adding it to bread dough for herbed bread because when I opened it, that’s what it smelled like to me☺️

    2. Oh, ALSO… I probably should have mentioned in the post because it was kind of a big deal…. There were 3 menstruating people in the house when we had no water. It was quite the ordeal. Ordeal sounds dramatic but yeah…

  2. Does your landlord charge a fee if you’re late on the rent? If I pay after the 5th I’m charged $75. Seriously, I ran in on my lunch once on the 6th hoping they might forgive me…nope $75. I might as well have waited another week since I had to pay the fee anyway.

  3. Thanks for your posts -the issues you raise are so important. I think it’s really important that the forces of disempowerment do not succeed in discouraging disadvantaged people from voting. It would be great if you could encourage and empower your readers to get registered and vote. Thanks!

    Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S®4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

    1. That will happen.
      I was previously a fairly successful political blogger and blogged through two elections. It was not a positive experience. For my own self-preservation, I’m trying to learn from those negative bits and apply them to how I proceed this year.

  4. so im 3 years late in commenting- found u thanks to googling a bag of garlic piastra…. but anyway- about ur garbage- y dont u burn it in your stove? everything else is recycleable- foodscraps go in a compost heap…. sorry so late-

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