Links That Matter: 1.11.16

[Contents: public housing,water contamination in Flint, sexual harassment,Native-American homeless veterans, affordable housing,children in poverty,homeless college students,Wisconsin,Scott Walker, Right to Work, Richmond, Jobs after prison, gender wage gap,depression in women ]


Baltimore Housing Authority settle “sex for repairs” lawsuit with female tenants – Maintenance workers at housing projects refused to make repairs unless women gave them sex. For refusing, these women had to live without working appliances ,exposed electrical wires,mold,etc. There were 19 women in all who were plaintiffs in the case. They will split the $8M settlement and BHA has relocated the women to new housing. 50 employees were fired but no criminal charges filed.

Federal funding now allocated to end homelessness for Native American veterans– $5.9 M will be distributed to 26 tribal governments in 12 states, allowing stable housing for 500 Native American veterans.


image via Idle No More

How a union built integrated,affordable housing in San Francisco – really interesting history of St francis Square, a housing development built by the ILWU with the intention of having affordable housing for the working class that was also racially and ethnically inclusive

Flint water protesters demand Gov Rick Snyder resign and face charges – Snyder knew he was subjecting Flint citizens to contaminated water. My daughter asked how this guy isn’t in jail right now. Coincidentally, this same daughter had lead poisoning as a child from contaminated soil at a house we lived at.




56,000 college students identified as being homeless last year – this number doesn’t even include the students couch surfing or who can’t really verify homelessness. This goes along with the recent study of community college students who are unable to buy food

How to help kids in poverty adjust to stability of school after break -I wish two things about this article: 1) That NPR had published it before the holiday break was over and 2) that it asks instead what can be done to help kids in poverty have things more stable during school breaks. No lie…it was rough here. The backpack program sends home one extra bag of food for the break but it can’t make up for all the meals. A lot of families have to scrape together childcare for breaks that is not the best childcare available and that messes with a kid.

Teaching a public history of public housing – Libby Germer developed a curriculum for her AP Gov class at Richmond’s George Wythe High School focused on public housing. Nearly all the students in this school are black and low income, many in the class have lived in public housing.

Germer: I want them to be leaders. I want the students of today to be our city’s leaders in the next generation.

Libby Germer hopes the class shows students how to connect housing, poverty and school achievement. She wants them to take notice when federal, state and local leaders make policies that affect schools and housing. It’s a justice issue, says Germer, that these students may have a role in reshaping in the years to come.

Germer: I really want them to go to college and I want them to come back to Richmond because they choose it, it’s an incredible place to live. I want them to be school teachers here and lawyers here and doctors in Richmond City and not to be afraid of public housing or its residents but I also want them to speak truth to power and when they see injustice in public policy to name it.

Jobs & Economy

A Pennsylvania judge ruled that it’s unconstitutional to deny someone a job after leaving prison – this should be the law of the land.

Wisconsin loses 10,000 more jobs after passing “Right to Work” – Scott Walker is a menace to society

Study finds that the wage gap contributes to depression and anxiety in women -Makes sense to me.

The study, conducted by Columbia University, makes the connection between that and the gender wage gap that so often plagues women in the workforce. What it essentially says is that because women are so often only paid a fraction of what men make, and because society ties your value into what you do make, the undervaluation of women in the workforce leads to undervaluation of women in general.

The study looked at the statistics around women who were underpaid and found that they were just about twice as likely to develop major depression and 2.5 times as likely to develop generalized anxiety. The damning evidence (such as it is) comes in when it looked at women who were paid just as much or more than their male counterparts, and found that the likeliness of developing depression and anxiety disappeared. At that level, women were equally as likely to develop these things as men.


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One thought on “Links That Matter: 1.11.16

  1. Re; Flint/water……Probably not quite the Gov’s problem. Flint didn’t want to pay Detroit and Detroit doesn’t want to bargain, requiring $4M to reconnect when the problem was discovered.

    But when you live in Michigan….you will find its always Detroit, Flint or Muskegon Heights. And its usually the inept local leadership that’s to blame first…..then they pass the hat to the State…..who passes the bill to the rest of us. I dunno, I had to pony up and pay $3K for my own well and $7K for my sewer.

    Seriously, as much money as we’ve dumped into Detroit, there should not have been an issue with a $4M reconnection fee. I was going to blame Kwame, but I’m sure its just someone like him.

    Welcome to the Mitt.

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