I missed updating last week. I barely blogged at all because we didn’t have Internet. I paid the bill and they still shut it off. I paid minimum amount but they didn’t tell me that you could only pay min amount due if you don’t have a shut off notice. I swear dealing with some utility companies is like playing Calvin Ball. They just make up their own rules as they go along. 

Anyway… another super lean 2 weeks here. My husband had to borrow money from both his boss and a coworker just to have gas and basics.

 Meanwhile, I realized on Monday that I was due to start my period and we had exactly $2.53 in the bank account and I was out of pads. I seriously had a pep talk with my body and told it to wait until payday. I do have reusable pads but I was also nearly out of detergent, so I wouldn’t be able to wash them. Somehow my pep talk worked and I held off until Friday, the day after pay day. ( No, I don’t really think I can tell my reproductive system what to do. I’m not a Republican male) 

Also ran out of dish detergent so my weekend is dishes and laundry. Hallelujah for water. 

Other nonsense that happened:

  • I have another abscess tooth thing going on. Ran a fever on and off, half my face was so swollen I didn’t want to leave the house. Dentist in near future 
  • Both boys had ear infections. 
  • New semester means new textbooks for twins. Fortunately their dad could help out but I did have to buy one because daughter needed it ASAP and it was just logistically easier for me to pay for it   

Good stuff is happening despite all that stuff. 

  • We started doing our taxes. Soon Taxmas will be here
  • Seed catalogs have arrived. Garden planning has begun   
  • This January has actually been pretty mild. That snowpocalypse last week was all south of us. There was one day that I didn’t even have to have a fire going during the day. Which is nice because my wood supply is low. I have wood insecurity, I guess?   

On the cold days, reading or knitting or sewing with a cup of tea by the fire has been heavenly. 

So, there’s that. This week we have 40s and 50s forecasted. I think I’ll try to prune the apple trees and clear some brush from around the pond and coop. The town historian says that this house we’re renting used to have the biggest and best garden around for miles. It’s been neglected for a decade or so. I’m taking that as a challenge to make it awesome again. 

We also learned that it’s quite probable that my paternal great-great-great- grandfather was the builder of the house and it was the family homestead until the late 1940’s/ early 50’s. Complete coincidence. I know very little about my paternal side. My maternal side’s connections are deep here with the first two unrelated white settlers being my ancestors and the town named after the wife of a long dead relative and the neighboring town being my great-grandmothers maiden name with -ford on the end. I had no idea there would be a specific connection family connection to this house. So…. neat?