[contents: daycare costs,millennials,birth control,abortion, revamping welfare,crowdfunding, LGBT issues]

  1. When Daycare Costs More Than Rent, No Wonder Some Moms Never Return To Work – Hey, all you trolls who ask me why I don’t go get a job…. here’s part of that answer. Even just after school care is too much.
  2. Millennials who are financially thriving have one characteristic in common – can you guess what it is? It has something to do with financially thriving parents.
  3. Wisconsin’s Assault on Women and the Poor – genius. Wisconsin is one of those states making it harder to get assistance ,so of course it makes complete sense to restrict low income women from accessing birth control and abortion services. (in case you couldn’t read it, that was all written in sarcasm font)
  4. How America’s Poor Sell Their Blood Plasma to Get By – Good lord of the rings, this is shaping up to be a depressing link round up
  5. Crowdfunding basic life expenses? – I say this every day…” People should not have to raise money to help pay for cancer treatment. They shouldn’t have to raise money to take more time off with a new baby. They shouldn’t have to raise money to assist with the costs of a personal assistant or home nurse. They shouldn’t have to raise money to pay for a funeral, for transition surgery, for help leaving an abusive partner, for any number of life expenses. The fact that it has become so routine as to become almost parodic to raise money because you can’t afford basic needs in life is tragic”
  6. This Is Why Poor People Can (And Should) Have Nice Things -right.
  7. News Coverage: “Poverty Is An LGBT Issue: New Report Identifies Low Income LGBT Needs” – we basically already knew all of this but a study says so now.
  8. The striking power of poverty to turn young boys into jobless men – The Washington Post – tomorrow I will post pictures of nothing but kittens.
  9. “Being born in the South, and being reared in abject poverty…if I couldn’t make those women a priority, who will?” wnyc.org/story/safe-abo…
  10. How Dallas Plans to Tackle Concentrated Poverty – I don’t know. I dont live in Dallas but its hard to tell from this exactly what the plan is. Affordable housing and then having each neighborhood have a general manager to assess needs to create sustainable neighborhoods. But then does that mean they’ll give money to poor folks to start businesses within the neighborhoods?
  11. Uber for Welfare – using the “gig economy” to reboot the safety net
    Painted in Dawlish UK.

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