Oh,hi. Remember me? I’ve been lost in the land of sick kids and sick me. Even when the kids weren’t sick, I swear they never had school this month.It’s been challenging to keep up with all of that and keep up with work (the kind that makes me money),
it’s been hard to find time and energy to blog. February has been a lot like January and December and November with the recurring theme of us having like $2 the day after payday to get us through to the next payday. Repetitiveness is never great for blogging.

Plus, I have another reason. Last September I had to give my laptop to my daughter when she went away to college. Since then I’ve been blogging on an ipod touch that I acquired secondhand through a bartering deal. It’s been a great ipod but it’s having issues and I am so over using it to write. As Taxmas approaches (that’s what I call the magical time of the year that we get our income tax refund) I’m less patient with the quirks of writing on the ipod. I’m sure all those nosy jerks who worry about how low income people spend their tax refund will be appalled but you can bet the first thing I’m doing when the money hits our account is to go buy myself a new laptop. No apologies. Especially since I’ve had to turn down paid writing jobs because I had no reliable way to do the work. PAID. Do you know how hard it is to get paid for writing these days?

I think I will continue on with the blogging hiatus until I get my new laptop. But the Twitter app on the ipod still works great! I mean, if you miss me too much…that’s where you can find me. I’m @dumbsainted .