When Accessibility gets Labeled Wasteful

I was going to write about this but I think about everything I wanted to say is covered here. I’ve read some awful ableist and dismissive commentary that I’ve found so disturbing. When disabled people say,”Oh, that would be really helpful to me,” the appropriate response should be asking how can we improve disabled people’s access to food? instead of telling  disabled people to “Deal with it and adapt. Maybe take a vitamin c supplement instead of eating oranges” (really).
I rarely bring up my own religious and spiritual beliefs but it’s so relevant here. I’m Pagan. The essence of Paganism is being a earth worshiping tree hugger. Being an environmentalist is part of my religious ethos. Spiritual environmentalism means you recognize PEOPLE as being a valuable part of the world. People are part of the environment. What I’ve seen is people putting concern for the environment (without any real basis) over the needs of disabled people. It’s disgusting. I hope I never forget my reusable shopping bags and have to get a plastic bag in full view of these people! Goodness.


Note on Accessibility

There has been some concerns about the contrast on this blog, unfortunately some find it hard to read light text on a dark background while others prefer it. I am looking into getting accessibility options for the blog but until then if you prefer to read dark text on a light background, this post is available on Medium here.

So there’s a debate going on, on Twitter right now between disabled people and people who either claim to care about the environment and or just want to complain about “lazy people”

The tweet that started it all

orangegate cropped

Image Description: tweet with a picture of peeled oranges in plastic containers on a grocery store (whole foods) shelf. Tweet reads “If only nature could find a way to cover these oranges so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them”

The original tweet has been shared…

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2 thoughts on “When Accessibility gets Labeled Wasteful

  1. have to agree with you on this one , my other half doesnt eat a lot of things because his lack of feeling in his arms and hands prevents him from getting into the packaging , he just adapts his diet accordingly . I cant remember the last time he had an orange , natures packaging is a no no for him . I wouldnt buy these on cost grounds but they would be perfect for him

  2. I saw this post this morning and didn’t have time to comment….I did see the photo and, without reading your post, I thought how stupid is that.?!?!?! Its an orange…peel it for heavens sake. I look at it from the expense factor as I’m sure that doesn’t come cheap, but also there are some folks that are simply too lazy to bother to peel an orange….leading to children think that they are manufactured that way and not grown on trees with “natural wrappers”.

    BUT….I’m back in the saddle and had a chance to read the post. And I never considered that aspect of it, that someone might be disabled to the point of not being able to peel a fruit. Or for that matter, might purchase those bags containing two ears of corn on the cob…heat and eat (right next to the can goods). Horribly expensive and, before now, ridiculous. Still ridiculous for regular folks, but if you can’t husk an ear of corn….. And those bags of shelf stable veggies that are appearing in the can goods isle, might be easier to handle than a can.

    Shame on me, thanks for pointing it out.

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