A reader requested this… 12 entirely unrelated to economic status things about me. “the fluffier the better” was the suggestion.

  1. I’m really into bird watching lately. My boys and I made bird feeders over their winter break and it’s been cool to watch them around the yard. One of my twins used birds as her animal behavior research so maybe I would not be as involved if I hadn’t been paying close attention for her. The smallest kid is also studying birds in school and chose geese to study since we have several pairs settling in on our pond getting ready to nest. Oh, and I love crows so much. I love listening to them talk to each other. They’re fascinating.

  2. I’m nearly a certified herbalist but the more I think about things, I doubt I’ll ever be an herbal practitioner because I have less and less patience with people. Infographics and meme-ish things with home remedies annoy me so much. When herbs are touted as “cures” for cancer or autism …oh,forget about it. I’m done. The first time someone comes to me asking me to cure something incurable, I’m gonna lose a client because people don’t like when you roll your eyes at them. This has happened to me before when I very nearly became a labor doula.  I decided I am not patient enough to hang in there through labor. I’m better suited as a postpartum doula.

  3. I hate carrots but I love the hell out of carrot cake.I also love growing carrots,which is stupid because carrots are cheap and you shouldn’t waste garden space on cheap things.

  4. I’m gonna be a Grandma this fall. Well, technically a step-Nana but whatever. I’m excited and welcome alllllll the baby sewing & knitting ideas anyone has to offer.

  5. I guess I’m a geek. That’s what the Internet says I am. I love comic books and Dr. Who. Bladerunner is one of my all time fave movies. I love tabletop games. The first movie I saw in the movie theater was Star Wars. I was 4 and it’s my most vivid early memory. I was doomed, I suppose.

  6. Ok, but I also love all sorts of other genres,not just sci-fi/fantasy. I love just…. MEDIA. Actually on my former blog I covered a lot of different things and I think I referred to myself as a media whore. I’m an avid reader (non-monogamous, reading several different books at the same time) and a bit of a music fanatic .Same with film & even tv. In high school I was accepted to NYU and planned on majoring in screenwriting but had a baby instead. Now one of my daughters is majoring in film and I’m so thrilled for her.

  7. I’m a dirt worshipping tree hugger. It’s actually my religion. (I’m Pagan.I’m a Witch. If I had to define the witch part more than that I’d say I’m a cross between a Green Witch and a Kitchen Witch. But usually I just say I’m a Good Witch and be done with it)

  8. Yes, I have the required black cat. Her name is Luna. I also have a  gray cat named Scout  plus a really dumb dog named Coral who loves my boys so I have to love her,too. 166171_1365838485858_5643775_n
  9. I saved almost all my kids’ baby clothes. Really…ALL of them. 6 kids worth. When we moved, I realized I had to part with the bulk of them but I still ended up saving 3 boxes to make a quilt with. I need to get to work on that.

  10. I love ice cream so much I married my Schwan’s Man. He isn’t an ice cream salesman anymore but I kept him anyway

  11. I used to have a t-shirt with Betty Boop on it that I wore a lot. My Mom got the idea that I really love Betty Boop so she buys me Betty Boop things for every birthday and Christmas. I never had the heart to tell her I wasn’t THAT into Betty Boop and at this point in time, I figure I might as well like Betty Boop and love the crap I have.

  12. I hate clowns. Ew.

The end.