How to spot a disability faker

This is so, so important. If you have ever questioned whether that neighbor who doesn’t work and “lives off the government” or given someone out in public a dirty look because you doubt they have a real disability, do yourself and everyone you encounter a favor and give this a watch.

See also: You can’t see every disability


4 thoughts on “How to spot a disability faker

  1. Great video. Having an invisible disability does tend to turn some other people into judgmental grand inquisitors and snide know it alls.

  2. Thank you! I have finally been ruled disabled. I don’t have to use the parking, etc., yet and I don’t. However if/when the day comes, I’ll probably still be walking, just not far.

  3. thank you. i think your most salient point was, are we really going to become a nation of witch hunters? why is our 1st choice to think the worst of someone.what does that say about ourselves..

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