This week at the food pantry

We missed going to the food pantry in March entirely. The one here is only twice a month and I think we were sick the one day and something else was happening on the other. Even though we restocked quite a bit of staples and did some good grocery shopping with Taxmas money, we still really needed to go yesterday.

This week there was quite a lot of produce that had been donated that needed to go (disadvantage of a bi monthy pantry…anything fresh has to be gone that day or it’s going to waste) so volunteers kept trying to get me to take more. Lots of  white and sweet potatoes,carrots,apples. A few oranges. I had just bought a 50 lb bag of potatoes a couple of weeks ago and 5 lbs of carrots (reminder: my weird food quirk is that the only veg I HATE is carrots). I see many potato dishes in my future.


They also had several large shipping boxes of frozen microwave pancakes and frozen cookie dough. They gave us a whole box of the pancakes because there was no room in their freezers. Glad we have the upright freezer. We also took the cookie dough…hearts for Valentine’s Day. Exp March 22, which I’m sure is still ok but we’ll see. I will live if we have to toss the cookie dough but it would be a nice treat for the kiddos.

IMG_0039 IMG_0040.JPG

We also got frozen fish & ground beef, some canned beans and fruit, spaghetti sauce,rice,pasta,cornmeal,juice, 3 blocks of mozzarella, and Ghiradelli chocolate -dark chocolate and sea salt with caramel. Oh,and a taco meal kit. Some of the canned food was expired in 2014. They might be iffy but some food still is fine after that date. I’ll see what happens when I open it.

I think that’s it. The day after we go to the food pantry I usually start putting together the week’s meal plan around what we got. Looks like fish tacos, spaghetti & meatballs, something rice and beans oriented for sure. Not immediately clear on the rest.


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5 thoughts on “This week at the food pantry

  1. Hi ~ I’ve become gun shy about out of date cans….had 2 cans of Libby’s tomatoes explode everywhere (ceiling, walls, EVERYWHERE) when I opened them. signs on the outside of the can…..(why oh why did I open that second can?)… time I have ANY doubts at all, I’ll open them outside, or in a garbage bag (if I have one)

  2. I’m the one who orders food for our local pantry. I know the produce problem, since our pantry is only open once a month. We get one pallet of fresh stuff, and the challenge is to give it all away by the end of the distribution. Sometimes the people who show up last get the most, and sometimes it’s all gone. We also have the freezer issue. We have one, so distributing all the available frozen food is also a goal. We are going to get another freezer, and that will help.
    Don’t worry too much about dates. Most dates are “best by…” And the issue is one of taste. Avoid dented cans if the dent involves the rim, and if you have doubts at all about any canned product, bring it to a boil as you prepare it. Many products get into the food pantry pipeline because they were near the store’s “pull date”. Snacks are especially likely to have date issues. Fatty snacks, like chips, may not have good flavor after their date. You know all this, but not everyone does.

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