sweet potatoes and mt washmore

We went to the food pantry on Monday, the last one for this month. They didn’t have very much this week. The only produce was sweet potatoes so we used our points to get mostly canned fruits. There weren’t very many proteins to pick from either….neither meat nor beans. We did take a gallon jug of habanero-pineapple salsa. Really, sometimes they have the most random things.

I made a big batch of this sweet potato and black bean thing we like. I roast the sweet potatoes first then mix them with seasoned black beans. We eat it in tortillas, over rice, by itself..whatever. I eat it for breakfast with an egg.


I can’t wait until our garden is a thing. So tired of the food we’ve been eating.

The major bummer this week was the washing machine dying. The washer belongs to the house. The landlord sent their repair guy to look at it. No fix. He said he would tell landlord they need to replace the washer.

One large problem with that: the washer and dryer are in the bathroom. When we moved in, I kind of wanted to use my own washing machine so we were going to move the house-washer out and store it in the basement and put mine in it’s place. Well, that didn’t happen because we realized that the bathroom door is 2+inches smaller than both the house-washer and my washer.

Yes, the bathroom walls and door were built after the washer and dryer were in place.

It’s hilarious yet not. Not only can I not put my own washer in place of dead house-washer but I’m thinking there’s no way a new washer is coming in there either.

Household of seven (five right now with the two college offspring returning soon). The laundry pile known as Mt Washmore is already looking insurmountable. We’re doing a laundromat trip today but doing just necessities for right now until we know for sure what the plan is for replacing the washer. Or not replacing.

The laundromat is not in my budget. When we renew the lease this summer, they want the rent to increase $50. Absolutely no way I will pay $1,100 a month for rent here if I have to go to the laundromat. Nope. Not happening. I’ll need that $50 for laundry and gas to get to the laundromat.


8 thoughts on “sweet potatoes and mt washmore

  1. I feel your pain. I did laundry for a year on my lunch break. It was the bane of my existence! Is there another place that maybe your washer could be hooked up?? Maybe if you figure out an alternative you can use that to keep the rent from going up since Landlord wouldn’t have to buy new washer? Just a thought. Good luck!

    1. I was thinking about that yesterday. There is this little room that we use as a pantry and storage that I *think* was planned to be a bathroom. So, maybe.

  2. Our house doesn’t have washer hookups yet. (It’s on the long long list of Shit Needing Done.) We use a garden hose from the sink to the washer. I set the temp on the sink and just run the washer on “cold” with the garden hose hooked up to the cold inlet hose. It’s obviously not as convenient as dedicated hookups would be, but it gets it done.

    1. Yep, definitely gets it done!

      The washer here is dead and the room was built AROUND the washer and dryer . The door opening is 4 inches too small for any new washer to come in (or get the old one out) o.O

      1. Gaaahh. Definitely complicates that! (I seem to have completely missed those details in the original post. It’s been a ridiculously difficult morning to wake up!) Is there anywhere else you could put the washer in the meantime? We run the drain hose into a series of rock lined paths away from the house out a window and use a grey-water detergent. (It’s more expensive but I use like 1/2 what’s rec’d to make it last a lot longer and it gets it done just as well – if we didn’t have chickens I wouldn’t worry about it so much though.) I feel you though. We’re a family of 5, 6 this summer, and I’d be dead insane by the end of it all if we had to figure out a laundromat situation. Well okay, it just wouldn’t happen – I’d be hand washing clothes before we could afford that. Heh (The joy of making $24k/yr!)

      2. Ha! I just assumed you were commenting on the most recent post. Shows you how awake I am this morning lol
        The property manager’s maintenance people are supposed to be coming this week to figure out if they can put a washer hookup elsewhere.

        OH. And another thing I discovered…this house has no hose hookup and the kitchen faucet isn’t compatible,either. Watering the garden is going to be such a pain this summer, even doing rain water collection.
        YES. Handwashing is happening,too. Ugh. One of my daughters was helping me wring out clothes and we wondered if pioneer women were all really buff LOL

      3. Haha!! I’m only going to have to assume they were crazy buff! I know my great grandma was ridiculously strong – she and my great grandpa moved to SE Kansas in covered wagons. Pre-Oklahoma being a state. I’d consider her pretty much to be one of the last generations of pioneer women. She would tell me stories of handwashing clothing and manner of other things. Reflecting on those stories as an adult just fills me with exhaustion just having hand washed enough to know how hard it was!! lol

        Oh my gosh yes about the gardens. Our fecking pipe froze this last summer that went to the only outside faucet. We need to repair it but even then the sheer amount of hose we’d need to reach the back of the garden would be insane. So my husband was out mowing on the hill beside the road which runs along where we have the garden and nearly fell into an old stone lined hand dug well that’s oh….MAYBE 6ft from the road!! It was covered with a seriously subpar degraded piece of plywood and two cinderblocks. It’s really close to the garden though, so I’m thinking a bucket on a rope for watering might be on my list of things to do! I think it’s technically supposed to be defunct because of its proximity to the road but meh. We can totally plead ignorance about that aspect of it. I’m just glad we found it because otherwise…..ugh.

        I hope they can figure out a new location for a hookup!!

      4. Wow. I love hearing stories about badass women 🙂

        Tuesday I got an email that said, “We’re working on it and we’ll get to you shortly” but nothing yet! Urgh

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