May is supposed to be all flowery and nice but right now I’m like, “Bite me, May.”

I loathe the beginning of the month. Everything being due at once should not be a thing. I have this converging with everyone in my house needing something. 

The short list from yesterday:

  1. “So, when can I get new glasses”- Daughter #1. “Yeah. Me,too. Mine are giving me headaches” – Daughter #3
  2. “Oh,and I have my period. We need pads and tampons.”
  3. “The crotch of my work pants ripped out at work.” – The Man (it’s huge. It’s beyond a patch job, so now he’s down to 2 pairs of work pants. )
  4. “I wish we had fruit. *sigh* I can’t wait to go back to school so I can have juice again.”- Middle son
  5. “I need special photo paper for my photography final”- Daughter #1
  6. “I owe $1,700 for tuition and can’t register for classes until it’s paid” – also Daughter #1
  7. “I really need to do laundry” – pretty much everyone (still no washer here. Laundromat is $3.50 a load. At least we don’t have to dry it there,too)

Also, the dog is not really eating but seems fine otherwise, good since I can’t afford to take her to the vet. I noticed both boys have holes in the bottoms of their backpacks so I’m crossing fingers that they hang in there until the end of June. Youngest’s shoes are also getting holey. We have a phenomenally large electric bill because we had to use space heaters a lot in Feb & March. I think I’ll have rent by Thursday? It’s not technically late until Saturday.

My youngest’s birthday is in a week and I have nothing for a gift. He will definitely be disappointed. At least I can bake a cake.

May is a bummer so far. At least in a couple of days, I can say “May the Fourth be with you” to everyone I see that day. That always cheers me up a little bit.  It’s the little things that get me through, I guess.