SNAP news – 5/9/16

Oh, it’s been awhile since I’ve done SNAP updates. I’m sure I’m missing things, hopefully nothing major. Commentary brief today but it’s not too hard to guess what I would say.


Food stamp cutoff looms for 9000 in Ky – the change is this month as fed work requirements are reinstated there.

New Food Stamp Rules Expected to Impact Kentucky Food Pantries – the not at all surprising effect due to the above

How Florida Organic Growers Tries To Help Those In Food Deserts -good job, Florida Growers

Why Would Congress Vote to Keep Carrots Out of Corner Stores? – just a recap of new vendor requirement proposals ICYMI

Minneapolis healthy food rules prompt Dollar Tree to drop food stamp benefits – exactly what the concern was (read more about what I’ve said before about this here -#8 at that link )

Collins: Bill would prohibit using SNAP funds to buy soda – yes, another one. It’s getting hard to keep track. The quotes in the article are so confusing. This cashier told this politician her dumb customer judging stories and the incident was about a woman complaining about paying cash for soda and not being able to use WIC. I don’t understand what that has to do with SNAP but whatever. Also, how many bills are we going to create based on cashier’s narratives instead of what anti-poverty advocates and nutritionists have to say?

Woman filmed berating dad using ‘food stamps’ — and accusing him of being a Bernie supporter – so many people sent me this. Go home,lady. Stay there and do your shopping online. Get the Rosie app for your groceries. You are not fit to interact with the public.

35000 Alabamians no longer eligible for SNAP benefits -again, fed work requirements reinstating



One thought on “SNAP news – 5/9/16

  1. I wondered if you had read the article from The Atlantic…”the secret shame of middle class Americans”(titled something like that anyway). And if so what your thoughts were..?

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